Tooth abscess whilst going through chemo

I’ve been told that I can’t have my dental work done whilst I am on chemo because of risk of infection… Unfortunately, my abscess doesn’t agree with this. I’ve been rinsing with salt water on a regular basis and my oncologist is prescribing Augmentin for me (faxing it to my GP)…

I’m just wondering if anyone has had tooth problems whilst going through chemo and how they coped with it? I’m in agony!!

J xxx

Hi J, I had problems during chemo. First a filling fell out, then I had what I thought was an abscess and a crown fell off on my way to a chemo session. I’m so vain I stuck it back in and told the nurses if I fainted they were to remove it in case I choked! Luckily my dentist was able to put the crown back in and whatever was underneath went away with antibiotics. I’m going back this afternoon for the temp filling to be replaced. Interestingly a few weeks ago I had a flare up in my jaw but my dentist told me to mention it to the oncologist which I thought was weird. It’s gone now thankfully! Other women I spoke to had teeth problems depending on the chemo, I was on AC & T. Lou x

hi, i had 6 docetaxel, my teeth werent good to start with, but during my treatment have deteriorated quite a lot, one split in half and literally fell apart, the rest have just thinned on the edges and become brittle, gums have receded at bottom,
i think you should take anti biotics for an abscess which is what the dentist would have prescribed anyway before being able to do anything, but the risk of infection is a very serious issue when undergoing chemo,

all the best hope you are pain free soon, love liz x