Before chemo started I was in the middle of a root canal treatment on one of my teeth. This was suspended as the chemo started on the suggestion of my dentist.

I have now had 5 out of 8 scheduled chemos and tootache has started. I have tried to ignore it for a couple of days hoping it would go away but no such luck. I will not be able to let this go untreated until next Jan/Feb when the chemo should finish

Has anyone else had to have dental treatment whilst on chemo and did it cause any problems
Andie XX

Hi Andie,

So sorry you have toothache on top of everything else. I would get to your dentist asap and make him aware of the chemo. Then you can liase between him/her and the chemo docs about any treatment he/she suggests.

I didn’t have problems during my chemo but afterwards had terrible problems with recurrent wisdom tooth infection and eventually had to have the tooth out. Then I had recurrent infections in another molar and had to have root canal treatments. Eventually had the tooth out and after a long wait now have an implant which was v expensive but successful thank god.

Good luck.


Hi Rowena

Thanks for the advice. I think I will phone the treatment suite before I go to the dentist to see what they advise. Unfortunately this can’t be ignored any longer.


Hi Andie,
I developed chronic toothache during chemo, which I was tempted to leave when I leant it might hold-up treatment if I went to the dentist. However Onc insisted it got seen to as it could be dangerous to leave it.
So I had blood tests till my white cell count was high enough, took antibiotics just before treatment then went to the dentist. It only delayed things by a week.
It was ceratinly worth it to be pain free…word of warning tho…I have developed oral thrush as a side effect of being on the anti-biotics (I think) So it might be worth taking some pro-biotics while you are on them?
Good luck with it all anyway