Top Tip Sleeping After Surgery

Hi there,

Discharged Sat eve, ever since being home not sleeping well at all  not sure if its due to having 2 drains attached or recovery from surgery. Tired to sleep on recliner last night but saw every hours so exhausted. Paracetamol for pain althou feel ok, abit disorentatied last night think due tired eating little, this morning head abit fuzzy think maybe due lack sleep, recovering surgery and poss having 2 small children making sure all ok and in place for them.

Off for first check up today and will mention just wondered if anyone went through same any tips greatful? 

Hey , 

im in the same boat , I came out of surgery 2 weeks ago tomorrow , I had 2 drains in it was a nightmare to sleep with. Even without them I’m trying to sleep on my back but just isn’t comfortable . 

I am trying to find a better lying position . 

if you find one please let me know . 

hope you manage