Total appetite loss

I have totally lost my appetite- this is so alien to me as I had a really healthy appetite before my diagnosis.

the thought of food makes me feel sick and today I have eaten nothing at all.

i have been juicing fruit and veg and sometimes can manage this.

my loving partner would for sure go out and get me anything if I said I fancied it but there is nothing at all.

over the last 7 weeks I have eaten only a quarter of what I would normally have.

it is now getting worrying as I need to be strong for the next stage of treatment.

can anyone relate to this ??? 

Thanks so,much 

Hi BizzyLizzy


Not sure whereabouts you are on your treatment journey.  


I too have had times when my appetite has gone completely.  A lot of the time it is emotional but sometimes the treatments can cause it too.  Try not to worry I think it is normal.  Do try to eat small amounts little and often though even if you don’t ‘fancy it’.  I ate really just to please my husband a lot of the time if he made me something not because I wanted it. 


You are correct that you do need to keep strong for treatment so do keep trying things.  I’m sure things will improve but if you are still having problems have a chat with your GP or nurse.


Try not to worry!






Post surgery I lived off mashed potato and mashed carrot and swede for almost a month - just could not face anything else and that was little and often. You will get there.