Totally confused now:(

Hi ladies,

this is my second post, I’m new tintestine site, have no idea were my first post went! I am 37 yrs old and recently found a lump in my breast, after having an ultrasound, mammo, and 3 biopsies taken, my consultant said it didn’t look good and he was sure it was a tumour discussed having a lumpectomy and also needing radio, and asked me to come back in a week to discuss biopsie results. I can honestly say this week has been terrible. I came back from my appt’ yesterday and he said the results came back as it being a Fibroadenoma, although the ultrasound showed otherwise, as all fibroadenomas are round in shape and also moveable, whereas mine is more of a long thickening with jagged edges, he said he’s quite sure it’s a fibroadenoma but I need to have it removed within the next week or so to have it sent off to pathology, and not to worry.

I’m so confused now and not sure what to think, can anyone please offer me any help or advALS about this please?

Hello Joleen

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Hi Flori35,
Thankyou so much for replying to my post, yes like you said I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, but it is so hard not to worry, like you also said other ladies may hopefully reply soon who’ve experienced this ’ maybe a Fibroadenoma or maybe not’ sort of thing and tell me there experiences.
Take care of yourself too
joleen x

Hi flori35,
I am a newbie on here as well having been diagnosed this week with ductal cancer didn’t catch it all as so much going round in my head lol. I am going to speak to the breast care nurses this week and see what it was perhaps you should try that and ask them any questions that is what they are there for . I am lucky as I know them all at my hospital as I have worked there for the last 18 years. Please try not to worry easier said than done but it is futile. Marie xx