Totally losing it

I can’t believe how scared I am feeling I have my first appointment on Monday and I need help I have convinced myself I am going to have it everywhere I can’t cope with this

Hi Bushy

Please try not to worry. The reaction you are having is perfectly normal. We have all at some stage, thought the same as you! I was convinced that I had it everywhere, until my mind was put at rest by the doctors. It is not an easy time, and is very worrying. Talking to other ladies on here really helped me in realising that I wasn’t alone in dealing with things. Hopefully your appointment will be a “good one”, and once you know what you are dealing with, it does get a little easier xxx

Thanks for replying so quickly, I am struggling to keep things together Monday seems such a long time away. I lost my best friend to it 5 years ago never thought I would be here myself.

It’s to get biopsy results I really can’t do this

Thank you

Hi Bushy,
Patricia is so right.
We all can have moments when the anxiety monster takes hold, fed with quite normal feelings of fear, which we all experience to some extent.
It is the fear of the unknown which is the worst part of it, however, it is never as bad as our imaginings & these difficult feelings do pass.
It does feel a lot better once everything’s confirmed, then the mind settles down.
take care, it will get better
ann x



I just wanted to add my support to you for Monday. 


Unfortunately this is a horrible time when you are waiting and the anxiety monster takes over with any usual rational thoughts going out the window I am afraid, but we will all be there with you “virtually” holding your hand.  You can do it my dear honestly and as the other lovely ladies have said, once you know, IF it is bc then it does get easier as you will know exactly what you are dealing with and will be given a treatment plan, that is IF it is bc as there are a lot of other benign breast conditions it can be.


Obviously it does not help that you lost your friend 5 years ago and that experience will only help to heighten your anxiety, but as an example I was diagnosed in Sept 16, op Oct 16 and I finished radiotherapy in January this year, I am on a hormone blocker for the next 5 years, but my life is totally back to normal, I am working, bowling, gardening and really enjoying life again.  I was diagnosed as a result of a routine mammo, which caught it very early and I was told, although I did not believe it for several weeks, that it was totally treatable with a very good prognosis.


Sending you a special hug and will look out for you on Monday, let us know how you get on.


Helena xxx

Thank you for your comments it really does help, have booked appointment with gp for this morning am hoping a chat with him will be helpful
Melissa x x

Hi Melissa,I bet you will feel better when you have spoken to GP ,just talking to someone face to face about your worries does help.

Gp wasn’t much help, explained the different types and said ‘yeah’ a lot but he did give me diazepam so I am hoping to be in blissful oblivion til Monday!!! Thank you for all your messages for any other newbys you lot really do help
Melissa x x

Yep ,I think a lot of us have had to hit the diazepam in the early days !! The waiting is dreadful you just want to get on with it don’t you .Try and keep busy and not spend too much time on your own.

Just remember Bushy, that the feelings you’re experiencing now, are about as bad as it gets & it does sort of peak prior to results appointments especially. Once Monday’s out the way it will resolve somewhat
ann x

Hi Bushy and Rosie,


I just wanted to say hello and acknowledge your posts. All of us on here know exactly how you are feeling right now, it’s perfectly natural. Once you have your appointments and you know what you are dealing with then things begin to settle and feel more manageable. The support on this forum is amazing, we’ll all be looking out for you.


Love & hugs

Donna xx


Bushy and Rosie…All the best for Monday.  I will get my first mammogram results on Thursday.  I feel guilty and I feel I deserve everything I get for not going for routine mammograms.  Most of you lovely ladies have been diagnosed, following routine mammo and therefore you have the best chance of a cure.  I was referred due to months of nipple discharge.   I feel the Doctors will be very cross with me.  Even the Radiographer was so stern-looking.  I know they can’t be angry, but I just feel so guilty…not looking forward to Thursday. 


Have a lovely weekend all especially Bushy and Rosie…let us know how it went xxxx

Feather ,don’t feel guilty ,you sought help when you had symptoms that’s the main thing .Mammograms are only every 3 years so a lot can happen in between anyway .

I got my biopsy results yesterday.  I took a friend along, and that made a difference.  The Dr that did the ultrasound and biopsy had already told me he thought it was cancer, so it didn’t come as a huge shock.  At the meeting I was given the dates for the next steps, which actually makes the whole thing feel more under control.  I don’t know if this is helping you, but it really did feel better after the meeting than before.

Good luck, and f anyone tells you “it’s nothing”, sock them one!

Welcome to the forum Pecan.

Feather, do not feel guilty. It’s a very easy trap to fall into. I didn’t go to the Dr for about six weeks after first noticing something wasn’t right - I’d had my first mammogram barely a year earlier which came back clear -  because at the time I was hugely stressed out as my mum had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I was so convinced I was imagining it as I was under so much pressure that I ignored it longer than I should. Thankfully most cancers are not that fast growing so I was okay. I think we all tend to feel guilty about something and we shouldn’t. It could happen to anyone of us. xxxx


i’m filling up…you are all so kind.  I don’t feel too bad now.  I just felt, everyone, GP, Radiographer, the girls who answered the phone when I double checked the time of my appointment , just everyone was angry with me for not attending routine mammograms. Paranoid or what ?


love and thanks for listening xxxxx


PS.  My mission is to remind all my family and friends to attend their routine mammograms.



I think we have all had those moments ,supermarkets seem to bring it on!!! The waiting is so hard ,almost impossible to carry on as "normal " isn’t it ?