Totally over the top or just sensible?

After having finished treatment I decided that I deserved a treat so today I went for a day at a local spa with a friend.

I booked a facial as the treatment thinking that the other offering of a mud wrap & salt scrub would not be a good idea after the radiotherapy.

I disclosed on the questionaire that I have had treatment for breast cancer and was then surprised that the therapist questioned whether I should have the facial as it used rose oil which contained natural oestrogens.

In the end we compromised and used it at double the normal dilution but should I be worried or am I being totally reckless in thinking it’s only oil on my face and only on this one occassion?

Hi Welwyn
Well done for finishing all your treatment, what a great treat!. I hate those questionnaires, I feel like a pariah!!!. I mentioned it to my onc and he was vehemently opposed to them too. Now I just tick the no box and declare nothing otherwise it’s hard to even get a massage. I think it’s a way of treatment spas to protect themselves from litigation but all this jumping through hoops really annoys me, haven’t we all been poked, prodded and questioned enough???