Totally overwhelmed by this whirlwind

An ‘early screening’ routine mammogram on 5th Nov recalled on 23rd Nov. and a diagnosis of Stage 2 Invasive Lobular Cancer today,  28 days later - there’s a film in there somewhere.  

So a new ‘journey’ is about to start, one that I never thought I would be forced to travel.  An MRI asap & Surgery (suggested date) 22nd December then radiotheraphy and 5 - 10 years of Hormone drugs.  From the initital shock at 10:30 this morning to the ‘hollow’ feeling that I am experiencing now I have been completely overwhelmed by emotions - never knew I could feel so many in one day.  At least the waiting is over but the thought of what lies ahead is scaring the big ‘J’ out of me at the moment - anyone feeling the same?

Hi SLou
A traumatic day - can really understand how you’re feeling. I’m a few weeks ahead of you, with the same diagnosis. Surgery finished last week, now awaiting news on whether chemo is needed before radiotherapy…I’ve been tearful, angry or terrified all the way, but it really is getting easier. I’m treating every appointment as a step closer to completing this rubbish journey, & have found the posting, support & info here really uplifting. As many have said, the waiting game is the worst, actually getting started on treatment is progress. Take care, keep in touch, Jan x


I was diagnosed on the 20th Sept with invasive lobular cancer grade 2 5.5 cm lump and lymph nodes involved. Had surgery on the 3rd November full lymph node removed mastectomy and reconstruction had 7 lymph nodes removed and 1 was infected.Had mri ct and bone scan and all came back clear today had my first cycle of chemo just 7 more to go but feeling positive.

Thanks Suzie. My daughter is home for the weekend so I told her the basics last night. We went out for a run this morning and had a good long chat about it - she’s ok now. Just got parents to tell when they get back from holiday on Tuesday and son to tell when he gets home from university on friday - don’t really want to tell him over the phone. I think I’ll feel better when everyone knows and we can talk openly.

Hello, I’ve just joined and I’m waiting on my appointment on Monday for mammogram as first one was unclear.  The waiting time is unbearable.  I’m imagining all sorts. I looked in on a forum a few days ago and saw the start of your post but couldn’t find it again. So sorry to hear your news.


Just joined this site and saw your post SLou296!! My story very similar!! Screening mammogram on 4th November, got a callback appt for 23rd November and diagnosis confirmed 27th November!! I am in Australia and decided to go through public system here so have to wait until 15th December until clinic appt and possible surgery on 24th December!! The waiting is awful!! I keep thinking about it and is it growing, etc!! And what about if I can’t have surgery then and have to wait until after Christmas!! Diagnosis on core biopsy was invasive pleomorphic lobular cancer! The pleomorphic worried me at first but I have since been told that it is treated just like regular ilc!!  Size on ultrasound was approx 1cm but was warned it could be bigger when removed!! Reading the similarities with your story I thought I would join this forum and reply!!  I understand the rollercoaster emotions you are going through!! One minute I am in panic mode and I start Googling, then I calm down a bit but the whole thing is very scary!!