Totally Paranoid

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Haven’t posted before… but here goes.

Diagnosed July 2009 had mastectomy and lymph node removal (all clear) 6 x FEC and Rads. For the past few week have had pain in my lower back, the pain is strong and takes my breath away but eventually with painkillers subside but they come back a little stronger each time. Find it hard to walk, bend and cant sleep sometimes for pain. Have been to see GP who is sending me for an x-ray. I try to not to get paranoid with every ache and pain but its hard and now am worried that I may have bone mets? What are the symptoms of Bone Mets? Will a general x-ray pick up bone mets and how do you get through life without niggling paranoia taking over. Sorry if I sound like I’m whingeing and most days are good but any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:
Mel xx

Sorry I dont have an answer, Probably worth contacting your oncologist for advice.
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Jane x

I agree contact your onc/ bcn and request a bone scan otherwise you will just keep worrying. Whatever it is, you need to get to the bottom of what is causing you back pain one way or another. I’m sure it will be urelated. Fingrs crossed :slight_smile:
tina x

Hi missmel

I’m sorry you are having this awful worry. I had a spine tumour but had no pain - it will depend on where it is and the size. There are lots of causes for back pain besides mets, so there’s a very good chance it is something much less serious, but any persistent pain should be checked out. A bone scan would be preferable to an x-ray. X-rays will not show small tumours, but a bone scan should pick up any areas of unusual cellular activity - although it is not definitive.

finty xx

Thanks for all your comments and advise, appreciated muchly! I know it can be a million and one other things other than breast cancer related…but it is so hard not to have that ounce of doubt. Will see what the xrays show and go from there… but again thanks for your advice. Take care Mel xx

Good luck, my mum is having a similar problem at the mo and is going for x-rays today. Hope all goes well for you.

Thank you emperor…had the xrays over 10 days ago now still no results. Hope things go well for your mum and thats its nothing serious :slight_smile:

Hi again all…
Still gettin pain in lower spine and xrays previously showed nothing, however, went for check up yesterday. mentioned was gettin alot of pain upper arm, shoulder, chest and upper back and he has referred me for a bone scan which is on friday…this pain had been here for a while but assumed it was due to rads and no lymph nodes etc but am now worried again …any advice please??? also how long if anyone knows will i have to wait for results or is it a case of no news is good news…not very good and asking questions at the hospital …thank you :slight_smile:

Do you have a follow up appointment arranged. if not ring the consultants secretary(through hosp switch board if you don’t have number) and explain you have bone scan booked on…whichever date. Say you need follow up appt and that you are anxious re results so as soon as results available how long does she think that will be?..a week is reasonable! Then when you go for your scan say results are needed for your follow up appt on …the date arranged and could results be available for then. good luck. Pamx

Thank you for your response and advise pam…i know what you’re saying is a good plan but i don’t have the confidence to ring…i always feel as if i’m being a pain or paranoid…i should have mentioned these pains months ago and always promise myself that i would, but as soon as i get into the room to speak to consultant i just want to get out again…that probably sounds weird i know!!! but experience tells me that the waiting is the worst and im not good at it (never have been) lol …but will ring after a week if not heard anything…sorry for rambling but was shocked at the speed of it all, mel xxx

how about writing down what you want to say before you ring nad have everything to hand like hosp numbers, date of birth etc so you can be confident you have the answer to any question the sec asks. she will be very used to dealing with patients ringing.

Hello missmel. I jus saw your post tonight but you have had lots of great advice so nothing much to add really. Have you had a bone scan before/ I have had lots of them. You may get an injection and have to wait until the contrast works and go back so take a book with you or a friend to keep you company. You go into the machine and come out backwards slowly so if you are not good at comfined spaces it will only be like that for a few minutes and then your head wil be out. I found it ok. I hope it is nothing serious but if it does have a worst case senarion, we will be around to hold your hand and help you thtough it. I hope it doesn’t come to that and that it all turns out good for you. I hope you have some decent pain meds. Your consultant or GP may be able to advise you on something stronger to help you until the results are in. Will look in to see how you are getting on. Val

Pam…usually i am quite confident speaking on the phone, i just always feel as though im paranoid and taking away from others who need support…i go for my scan on friday but have definately made the decision to ask when i should expect the results…after my mri i heard nothing…so am gonna assume that no news is good news. thank you so much for takin the time to reply though…i hate being in this situation it makes me feel that there is no moving on. Val again to you thank you, no never had a bone scan but assuming its similar to muga scan just a bit longer…the tests dont worry me its the waiting … i dont have any pain meds, i just deal with it as i thought that it was just a price you pay…only mentioned before to my gp and he made me promise i would talk to consultant about it…like i said before…get in the place and wanna get out as soon as. I have a lump on my remaining breast which he has no concerns about and yet when i mention the pain i have shoulder, back and arm everything goes mad and scans being ordered asap…very difficult not to assume the worst and to be honest it has put me in such a low mood …thank you for your words of comfort (and they really are) …am very sorry for being low and ranting but hate it…especially waiting…thank you ladies… i will keep you posted :slight_smile: xxx

Missmel, I had a bone scan and it was in the same place as the MUGA scans were done. I had a contrast jab and had to hang around and wait (not near anyone pregnant), then just lie there and let the machine do its thing.

The big problem a lot of us have is that the menopause that we weren’t expecting to get shoved into so suddenly generally includes aches, pains, joint discomfort - all the things that we worry so much about. For almost all of us, these changes, aches and pains that mess with the insides of our heads are just the symptoms of fast yucky menopause and NOTHING cancerous. But that doesn’t stop us worrying…

Good luck, and you are NOT taking up time that others need more. You’re worrying about this, so YOU deserve to have your worries addressed as seriously as anyone else.


Thank you ALL for your advice and words of comfort, had the scan which went fine, lady said it will be 7-10 days for results so fingers crossed…had a good weekend and put it to the back of my mind, feeling a little more posititve about it now…will let you know results!!! thank you all again :slight_smile: xx

I would love to hear how you are all getting on. I was dx June 2010, lumpectomy, chemo, rads and tamoxifen. Been suffering from back ache and have just got a bone scan apt best on day Monday, 22nd. I’m a nervous wreck!!!