Tough Pants Needed

Hi all


Could really do with LadyBowlers Tough Pants today.

Post op follow up yesterday and all dressings removed following my WLE and SNB. The wound looks horrendous as its all the way round my nipple and extends under my arm and is soooo sore. Histology results still not back after 2 1/2 weeks and the surgeon mentioned Chemotherapy, something which everyone else I have seen so far has said I wont need. 

Surgeon called me a positive lady but I got home and sobbed. Feel shocking today and really uncomfortable. Mention of chemotherapy has knocked me for six. I shouldnt moan as I know there are a lot of you ladies out there that are facing much much worse. 

Sorry for the whinge ladies but has anyone any advice??

Bellas Mum


No sooner said than done, here they are my dear


tough pants.jpg


We are all in there with you, the scars will look bad at the moment because you are still not long after having the surgery but I promise you honestly that they will start to fade in the coming weeks. It wil be sore as everything is starting to heal inside, which you obviously can not see but it still lets you know about it


I have one at the top of my breast and then the snb one under my arm, they have faded and actually just look like normal creases.  Your body is still healing so give yourself chance my dear xxx


I am sure that your surgeon is erring on the side of caution by saying about the chemo but I would imagine until those results are back he will not be able to say for certain.  I know when I had my treatment plan it set out what they believed would be happening based on my diagnosis, but there was also a section that stated possible other treatment - chemotherapy.  As it turned out I did not have to have it.


Never worry about coming on here to moan, rant or rave, this is a lovely comfortable place where we can do all of that when we need to knowing that the ladies on here really get us.


Just take each day at a time, you have done so very well to get this far, try and be kind to yourself. I set myself small milestones and only dealt with what I knew at the time, what we dont know we can not do anything about. 


Sending you lots of hugs


helena xxx



Hi bellasmum. I was in a very similar situ to you. Wle snb rads and hormone tabs. Then at results chemo was mentioned. Like you I went in melt down. I had the oncotype test which would determine if I needed chemo or not and being a preventative. A long 3 week wait for this to come back and seemed like a lifetime as a lot of the waiting for results is like. It knocked me for six and was worse that the diagnosis and surgery. Like that after a few days you start to get your head around it and become that positive person again. Try and take each day as it comes and keep everything crossed. I have to admit I did semi prepare myself for the worst thinking my score would come back high and the timing etc was awful. But I came on here and vented a little and Helena asked some ladies from the chemo thread to come and have a chat. This was in the April surgery thread. These ladies were amazing and no matter what it is doable and if chemo is needed we would come out the other side one step nearer completion of active treatment . Thankfully my score came back on and no chemo needed but not the best of rides just waiting with more grey hairs more wrinkles tension stress and all that comes with this dam thing. On to rads now and the next stage. Hang In there.

Thanks Gill. It is reassuring in a strange kind of way to hear that others feel the same. Hope I don’t have much longer to wait before the results and the final treatment plan. Think it was bad enough waiting for the surgery but more waiting! Thank you for replying. It’s appreciated xx