TRAM flap question

Hello, I am new to this forum but am not new to breast cancer. I was diagnosed in 2002 at age 32 (treated with lumpectomy, radio, chemo and tamoxifen for 5.5 years). Look forward to getting to know you. I recently (five weeks ago) had a preventative bilateral mastectomy/DIEP flap reconstruction. Except the surgeon was not able to do the DIEP as my blood vessels were not the right size. I had bilateral TRAMs instead. I am wondering if anyone else has had a bilateral TRAM here, and if you did, how long it took you to be able to walk straight. Five weeks on and I feel like I am getting worse with back pain like I had in the first few days. I had a secondary surgery a week ago to fix my abdomen wound which had some necrosis (not pretty!!!). My surgeon said this should not affect my ability to walk. Would love to hear from others who have experienced this in the past. And I am very happy to answer questions from anyone who is considering this surgery. I live in Australia. Thank you! VS

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I’ve attached a link to our publication on breast reconstruction.  It’s a general overview but may be of some help:

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