Tram Flap Reconstruction Surgery Tips?

I’m having Tram Flap Reconstruction surgery on Wednesday next week and I’m terrified! I hate that I have no idea what to expect. More than anything it’s the recovery I’m worried about as I have a 16 month old son who I know I won’t be able to pick up, etc for a while!

Any tips for making recovering easier/ less unpleasant would be much appreciated! Also any suggestions on what to take in to hospital with me would be lovely too!

Hi Neeno

Just really to say ‘hi’, and have a look at the what to take in to hospital thread which does have some good tips. 

And the McMillan site does have some information about different recons. But best of all speak to your BCN or the plastics medics. Or ring the kind helpliners on this site, they have scraped me off the ceiling… you do need have as much info as you can deal so that you know what you are agreeing to and how your recovery should go.

I got a bit into oh I mustn’t hassle the busy nurses and doctors and got into a corner because I didn’t hear what they were saying, but then I settled a bit and just kept asking.

The BCN said it was fine to keep asking and women who did get the info they needed often recovered better and were happier with their outcomes, so… hope you will feel confident to find out before next week.

I’m having a DIEP in a couple of weeks… so like you feeling if not terrified, quite anxious, not what any of us thought 2016 would bring, huh?

So, hope this post is ok for you, and I’m not being bossy…

I do wish you a smooth and successful op and speedy recovery,  xx