Tram or ld

Well I am nearly 2 years post diagnosis and I am now facing the dilemma as to go with tram, recommended by my surgeon or ld and would love to hear if anyone has had these ops and what your experiences are. Nervous, yes. Undecided, yes. I plan to have bilateral recon, prev mastectomy so I know it’s going to be hard either way. I would love to know about the recovery and long term cosmetic outcomes please xx

Hi there,

Wish you all the best, whatevever you decide. I had Ld recon earlier this year and am pleased with results (although almost a cup size smaller than I was, but definitely more pert!)My surgery lasted five hours for one side (including mastectomy)but I was home on day four. Had some slight problems with seroma and had to had fluid drained off three times in first month, but was driving again week five and ten weeks later doing most activities again (although trying to be sensible and not lift anything too heavy yet). I do need to see surgeon again in six months to see about little lift on other side(some surgeons do this at same time, so worth asking about). Scar on back fairly neat though as mostly hidden with bra strap and swimsuit costume.