Transitioning from a routine prescription to a suspected breast cancer

Subject: Seeking Support and Information - Recent Breast Health Concerns

Hi everyone,

I joined this forum tonight after finding immense support here when my mum was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in 2021. Now, I find myself in a situation where I’m awaiting results and could use some guidance.

I’m 42 and started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) six weeks ago to manage menopause symptoms I’ve been experiencing since I was 38. Last week, after requesting a repeat prescription, I filled in a questionnaire honestly, mentioning changes in my breasts, but I also experienced some nipple discharge, assuming it was related to the treatment.

Within 10 minutes of submitting the questionnaire, I received a call from the surgery asking me to come in. During the examination, a mass was found in my right breast. The doctor mentioned the difficulty in detecting it due to the fullness caused maybe by the HRT. I was immediately referred under the 2-week wait rule, and I have an appointment on Monday.

I’ve heard that some hospitals provide results on the same day, including biopsy outcomes. Does anyone know how I can find out if my hospital follows this practice? My friend recently went through a similar situation and received same-day results, which I found impressive.

I’m still processing the shock of transitioning from a routine prescription to a suspected breast cancer referral. Additionally, there’s a family history of breast cancer - my mum was diagnosed at 68, my grandmother had a double mastectomy, and my aunt had cervical cancer.

Any advice, shared experiences, or insights would be greatly appreciated as I prepare for this upcoming appointment. Thank you all for being such a supportive community.


Dear Pinkhopewarrior,

Welcome to the forum, we have all been there and now we are here for you.

You have such a lot going on at the moment and it all happened so fast. However I’m so pleased that you have an appointment on Monday and hopefully you will get some results or they will put In the picture as to your plan of treatment should you need any all hospitals work differently, so I’m not sure whether you will have all your results with your first appointment.

However, take one day at a time at the moment and I would suggest that you have a notepad and pen with you and make some notes before you go along on Monday as there is so much to take in and our heads can be all over the place.

I’m sorry I can’t give you any further information, we have one lady on the forum who is very knowledgeable, and always says nobody has Breast Cancer until the consultant tells them.

Wishing you health and happiness going forward for a good outcome.

With the biggest hugs Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:


Im truly sorry and send your blessings regarding events to date

I don’t know if hospital trusts publish their timescales and to be honest with the pressures on the NHS i expect everyone is different

In my experience the initial consultation was quick but every other step took at least 2 weeks

If you have your mammogram and biopsy on Monday just focus on that for now as otherwise you’ll get too stressed and worried, take someone with you as they can listen and absorb more than you

The team looking after you will be very aware of your worries and concerns so tell them and ask away, no question is stupid

Good luck, fingers crossed and everyone on here will support you, including the breast nurses who are wonderful

Hi Pinkhope

Sorry to hear what you’re going through.

My hospital didn’t give results on the day, I had a follow up appointment a week later. I did however ask the radiology consultant who did my ultrasound scan and biopsy if she could tell what it was from the images she had. She said that if people ask her she is always honest with them. I took that as giving me the option to ask if she thought it was cancer or not, so I asked. She was excellent, said yes, and took me over to the screen on her desk to show me what she could see.

The diagnosis was confirmed at the results clinic along with the type.

If you’re interested the NHS does publish its cancer waiting times Statistics » Monthly Provider Based Data and Summaries

Hi @pinkhopewarrior,

I’m really sorry to hear what you’re going through. It sounds very difficult and it’s no surprise you’re feeling worried.

I hope you are able to find support and help from the forum. As you will have seen already, it’s a very welcoming place. We will be here for you whenever you need.

Please know that our nurses are also here for you any time, here on the forum on Ask our Nurses your questions or over the phone 0808 800 6000.

Sending love and best wishes,

Alice :heart:

Sometimes discharge and a mass can be to do with something called a papilloma.

When I had my first appointment, I think was seen just after lunch. They did an ultrasound and found a lump in my left breast which the ultrasonographer thought might be a fibroadenoma but was probably benign. However, they gave me a needle biopsy that day and I think, from memory, the pathology results came through a week later to show it was a instead a benign papilloma.

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