Transport for Radiotherapy sessions

Hello i have recently had breast surgery and have been advised that i will need radiotherapy and hormone treatment. Obviously like everyone else it is such a shock to find out you have breast cancer. I have wonderful supportive friends and family. However i do not drive, and there is nobody able to take me to Mount Vernon (45 min journey) for the treatment- Every day for 3 weeks. I know they should be able to provide transport but my fear it that i will be at the hospital all day hanging around waiting to be taken home. A small price to pay i know and i am very greatful i can be offered this treament, but this was my 5th operation in 8 years, and i wonder if i will be strong enough to cope with this travelling every day. If i knew i was to be picked up, have the treament and be taken home, i might find it easier. Would love to here from anyone that have used hospital transport and how they found it.


Hi Jan so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I am in the middle of radiotherapy & the travelling takes much longer than the treatment! There is a lady on Feb, who has a volunteer driving her (her trip us 70 miles a day). Why don’t you go on Fab Feb Rads thread & ask her how she accessed that.  Her name is PurpleClare. All the best with your treatment xx

I have been using Red Cross transport for my journeys to rads. I have an hours journey each way to get to the hospital and there was no way my OH could take the time off work. You are entitled to transport when there is “a medical need” 

It took a lot off my mind when I found out I could use the service. If you are worried see a Macmillan advisor. Mine was great.

Purple xxxx

Thank you both for replying. It has been very useful information and will certainly take a weight off my mind. I wish you both well with your treatment xxxx


Thank you very much for your reply. This is also very useful and good to know that transport is available.


Hi Jan 


Are you going to the Beatson?  I went for 3 weeks. Your breast cancer care nurse should be able to give you a contact number for transport.  Phone it and speak to them .Once you have all your dates for Phone them again.and they will arrange everything. Driver comes and picks you up and drops you off.  They might have couple pick ups and you have to wait for everyone to finish before going home.   It’s a great service. Lovely drivers…   I just gave donation to the service after treatment finished.