Travel abroad during chemo?

Spoke to the BCN ages ago, and she didn’t think travel to Scandinavia was too much of a problem at the time.

Now thinking about trip to USA between chemo clobbering, and wondering if any out there have useful tips for long flights and other issues, insurance, any special things to take etc. Anybody?



Hi Lanterna.

I flew from Australia to UK 8 days after my third FEC, and then back again 10 days later just in time for my first Taxotere. Would not have chosen to have a holiday at that time, but needed to do it for family reasons. Had thought the onc would say “no way”, but actually he said “go for it”. He gave me antibiotics to take during the flight if I developed a fever. Fortunately I didn’t. At the time I had a blood clot in my chemo arm and was having to give myself daily injections, had a letter to carry explaining why I was carrying syringes and needles but no one queried anything! I am covered for medical care both in Australia and UK, but did not have extra insurance, and could have run into trouble if I had needed medical care in Singapore during the change of flights. Not sure how easy you would find it to get insurance for the USA during chemo - I can hear the pound signs running up even if you can get cover. Perhaps someone else can advise. I was wearing my wig, but warned the lady next to me not to be disturbed if she dropped off to sleep and woke up to find me without any hair!

For me it all went well, not sure what was keeping me going, adrenalin or excitement, it certainly wasn’t sleep. I left it 8 days after the FEC to travel, would not have felt up to it before then. I did arrange “assistance” through the airports, just in case I was feeling week and wobbly, but didn’t need it in the end. So it all worked out, onc was happy as I was going to a destination where there was good medical care the other end. Good luck whatever you decide. I do realise it could have gone wrong and that aeroplanes are a bit of a breeding ground for germs - but I got away with it.

Sarah x