travel cases for breast prostheses?

I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere that supplied travel cases for prostheses?

I’ve had a double mx and my prostheses came in quite a large box each and if I put those in my suitcase it will take up a lot of room. Obviously I’ll be wearing my prostheses during travel but will need the boxes to store them when I take them off.

If anyone knows of anything or has any ideas I’d be grateful to hear about them.

thanks very much Elinda x

funnily enough one of my amoena prostheses that I had through the NHS came with a zipped travel case but the other - which was a slightly different size (because when I was fitted I still had a seroma on one side) didn’t have a case, just the box. So I guess you might be able to get some from Amoena. Glad to hear to are off on your travels! Hope its somewhere warmer than chilly old UK at the moment…

Hi Elinda,

I have one that I don’t use - if you would like it pm me. I think it came from either Eloise or NicolaJane but I don’t know if they still do them.


hi Maggy - not off yet but hopefully it will be somewhere warm. My husband is struggling to get his annual leave agreed 'cos his work place are terrible but it will be my first holiday abroad since the diagnosis and treatment.

Dawn - that’s very kind of you but is it just one? I’ve had a double mx so need it for both.

Elinda x

you can have the one I have - I don’t use it… its for a size 4 prosthesis. Hey this is better than freecycling…

You might find you BCN has an odd one or two somewhere she could give you. However the cases too are bulky. Silicone prosthetics are quite robust and I think you would find they would pack easily without a case. Just keep them wrapped in something that would protect them from pin pricks etc.
Amoena, and Trulife have them to fit the shape if their products. I don’t know if you can buy the cases.
Enjoy your travels


Thought I’d share a funny story from Saturday when I had my first full day in a bra with my temp prosthesis. Late afternoon I started feeling a bit uncomfortable ( suspect pigging out at the Chinese buffet lunch time didn’t help) so when we went to ikea on the way home I decided to losen my bra in the car before going inside. Hubby pointed out that it might be embarassing if it fell out so I took it out whilst seated in the car. Tried to squeeze it in the glove compartment but was afraid of puncturing it so end up pinching hubby’s woolley winter hat & putting it in that and left it on his drivers seat to absorb the warmth ( blizzard raging outside) whilst we were shopping! He wasn’t too amused…

Twinky x

I have cases for my two but they are quite bulky too especially when you have to take them both. I haven’t been away for more than about 4 nights without the car but what I do is wear them there and back and at night while away I put them into a small poly bag which has handles and hang each on a door handle or even a coat hanger. They emerge in the morning none the worse for their odeal.

I pop mine into a soft sock to travel! They’re easier than transporting the case and smaller too. I regularly travel by public transport so space is limited.
I’d recommend a bedsock type sock??? I had a spare pair one Christmas and they’re ideal! Very soft cotton towelling type with no fluff. (Obviously if you’re travelling to colder climates you could wear your socks as well!!!)

Reading this back I sound completely deranged…
Well, only sometimes…


When I asked my BCN in the early days she just said to place prosthesis in your bra cup overnight as it’s designed for that shape.

Hi I’ve had my pros for 2 yrs now and never use my case I just put them in my bra either wear them or just leave them in the bra they are fine gd luck

Thanks everyone for offers of cases and advice - much appreciated.

I was thinking about stringing a bra between two hangers with the prostheses in so that they hang down and keep their shape.
Welsh girl, it sounds like that wasn’t such a mad idea if your BCN recommended that.

I was hoping that a company had designed small slim line travel cases - there’s a market there - but it doesn’t sound like it. I’ve checked sites like Amoena and can’t see anything.

I think needing two prostheses, using the cases will simply be too bulky particularly if I’m just using a small suitcase for a weekend away.

Thanks again, Elinda x