For all who are hoping to travel on holidays but are having totally extortionate quotes for travel insurance - a new company has been set up and was advertised in The Times this week. It has been sorted as a result of a lady campaigning for fair travel insurance for breast (and other) cancer sufferers/survivours and I have just had a quote of £38.71 for a 8 day trip to Egypt, whereas my current company wanted £97!!! This includes all breast cancer related issues - including lymphodeoma. They don’t currently have annual cover - but are hoping to soon - and they will cover your family as well.

Give them a go - is nice to have good news for a change !!

£190.43 is what they have quoted me for 10 days skiing in Canada - am 68. I think that is too much. I have an annual policy which covers me for any number of holidays of 17 days duration worldwide for £203.00 including heliskiing - far better value but breast cancer is excluded and I personally feel I am unlikely to have a problem on a short trip.