For all who are hoping to travel on holidays but are having totally extortionate quotes for travel insurance - a new company has been set up and was advertised in The Times this week. It has been sorted as a result of a lady campaigning for fair travel insurance for breast (and other) cancer sufferers/survivours and I have just had a quote of £38.71 for a 8 day trip to Egypt, whereas my current company wanted £97!!! This includes all breast cancer related issues - including lymphodeoma. They don’t currently have annual cover - but are hoping to soon - and they will cover your family as well.

Give them a go - is nice to have good news for a change !!

Unfortunately if you read their terms and conditions on ‘pre-travel and travel policies’ your policy doesn’t cover for reoccurring or pre-existing medical conditions and you have to contact their Travellers Healthcheck number to see if cover is available.

I have secondaries (and still on chemo) and the only company I know that will cover people like me is miaonline and I’ve also heard that Aberdeen Insurance also will cover secondaries.

If you’ve had primary breast cancer (with no other medical conditions) you’re not going to get ‘ill’ on holiday so it’s cheaper to declare that you have a pre-existing medical condition but that you don’t want it including. You need to declare it otherwise your policy will be null and void if you do happen to claim on a totally unrelated injury or illness.