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Haven’t posted for a while as I have been living my life after 18 months of treatment, etc. I finished my chemo April 2010 and rads June 2010. I was also receiving herceptin and was told by my onc that this has caused a ‘decline in my heart function’ and was prescribed ramipril. I have now booked a holiday and have declared to the travel insurance company that I am still taking ramipril. I was asked why and when I told them it was due to a decline in my heart function they couldn’t ‘score’ it and I would need the actual medical term.

Has anyone else experiencd this and if so could you give me some tips as I have no idea what the medical term is.



p.s. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I am living proof of this (if anything could have gone wrong - it did!) and I am now looking forward to my cruise, still working full time and enjoying life. Have courage and stay strong - you may have cancer but the cancer doesn’t have you. xxx

Ramipril is generally prescribed to lower blood pressure, afaik. Might be worth asking your GP or specialist what they would say. Could you answer the question with “to reduce blood pressure”?

I was also on ramipril Jean as I was having a bit of trouble with BP going up (normally mine is very low so though it wasnt going that high, it was high for me). Trouble is if you put it is for high bp that sounds all the wrong notes. I wonder if it would help to say it was to control some of the se’s of herceptin. LOL that doesnt have a medical term either! What dose are you on - mine was very low.



Ramipril is also used to treat low ejection fraction, known as LVEF which can be caused by herceptin.

Perhaps a word with your Oncologist might help. They have been known to write a letter for you to show the insurers saying that you are fit to travel.

Hope this helps.



I was put on ramipril for Low Ejection Fraction half way through Herceptin. I was then changed to candesartan and bisoprolol as the ramipril lowered my blood pressure too much. I have been on them since November. Not taken out any holiday insurance since being on it I am afraid.


Just thought I’d pop in and tell you about a travel insurance company who specialises in travel insurance for people with long term conditions… they also review each case individually rather than just being a tickbox insurance company!

You can get a quote online however if you’re condition doesn’t allow you to complete the online form or you have more information, DO give them a call to discuss as they work with you to ensure that you get the right policy and get your well deserved holiday!

£1 from the sale of each policy is also donated to a number of charities, including FACT, Pink Ladies & Haven.

Hope this helps. I know they have been able to help a number of my friends with all sorts of staged cancers.


Hi all

Thanks for the comments,I really do appreciate them. I ended going with ‘insurancewith’, the same one Anna recommended. It seemed to be the more comprehensive and cheaper, some quotes I received were for over £300, I only paid £132 which I didn’t think was so bad.

So that’s me already to go … now if I could just lose 3 stone haha!

Good luck everyone, stay strong and thanks again for your help.


Have a super holiday! - Do you need a hand w’ your luggage? :wink: