Travel insurance through your bank


I recall some time ago that one or two of you mentioned that due to having a particular type of bank account you had “free” travel insurance and some of the banks were happy to cover you for your “pre-existing condition”. Which banks were they?

I am with Lloyds TSB and just tried to buy insurance and they won’t cover BC, they didn’t even ask when I stopped treatment, only asked when I was diagnosed. I know I can get insurance easily throught Towergate Risk Solutions but I wanted to upgrade my Lloyds account and get the other perks too dammit.

So anyone out there with Gold or Platinum Lloyds account who has managed to get BC covered on the so-called “free” travel insurance?


Hi Dahlia

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your insurance.

I have a Platinum Lloyds account which includes travel insurance. I was just diagnosed with BC 2 months ago. I have had to cancel my holiday a couple of weeks ago and am currently claiming back the deposit as I now have to have chemo and obviously cant go away for quite some time. I do remember when I phoned Lloyds the first week I was diagnosed, as initially the consultant said I could possibly go if I didnt need chemo and Lloyds said that I would have to phone again when my results were in and upgrade the insurance if I still wished to travel. Wouldnt they let you upgrade the insurance?

Not sure whether this helps.

Hope you are going somewhere great. I love holidays.

Claire x

I have Llloyds insurance which paid out when I had to cancel last years holiday just after diagnosis. They will still cover me but not for any pre existing conditions ( I now have 3) so if we are going on a short, cheap last minute holiday I still rely on it, as the likelihood of having to cancel or needing treatment while away is small. But we are planning a long haul 3 week expensive holiday next year and I will try Insurepink and see how much they quote as I can’t take the risk of having to cancel or of possibly needing treatment for a pre existing condition while away.
Enjoy your trip

I had platinum and was told they wouldn’t cover BC as taking Tamoxifen was treated as still being under treatment! I wasn’t offered the chance to upgrade. I’ve now downgraded my account as it wasn’t worth having.


We went for a long haul 3 weeks last year and found Insurepink wouldn’t cover more than £3K. Medicover will go over that and so will others; I’ve used Fortis a few times including for the US and South Africa. Don’t forget to read the small print!


I had Lloyds platinum account and had to cancel a holiday due as I was having second op. When i put in a claim they initially said that they would not pay out unless I could prove that I did not think I had cancer when I booked the holiday!!
Luckily a printout of all my doctors appointments going back six months prior to DX showed the holiday booking came before the “lump”.They later informed me that they could not offer me cover in future.
Best wishes


I’m with RBS. They covered my recent holiday because it was paid for before the diagnosis, but said I should ring them before booking future holidays, so not sure what that means yet.

Best wishes

I’m with Lloyds too, they covered my BC for the Xmas Holiday which I booked before DX BUT wont cover me for BC now, they wont cover me for 2 other existing conditions one of which is Hayfever!!! Personally I think it stinks especially as they took my upgrade fee in Jan knowing I had BC. I have not tried to get insurance as I have no hols booked at the mo. But would like to give LLoyds the two fingers as they were very rude on the phone!!!