Travel insurance while waiting for an oophorectomy

HellI, I finished chemotherapy earlier this month and I’ve now got my radiotherapy dates. I’m keen to book a holiday for afterwards. I’ve rung a couple of companies (Insure with & Make Sure) but neither of them will insure me as I will be potentially waiting for surgery to have my ovaries removed when we are looking to go (even though active treatment will have finished and surgery is prophylactic). Has anybody been in a similar position?
Thanks in advance! xx

Hello Alexandrabishop,

I noticed that no one has answered to your message yet, but I hope you will get a response very soon from other forum users.

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Hi - do you mean Insurancewith ? Most companies won’t insure you til nearer the time of travel when you are either going through treatment or waiting for a procedure as obviously they don’t know what issues you may be dealing with at the time you travel - is this what they meant rather than they will not insure you ? Can you put off your op till after your holiday - sounds like you could do with a break from all the medical stuff !! Best wishes Jill x