travel insurance with secondaries

You have to laugh, having made several enquiries I have finally found someone who will offer me cover, the premium in excess of £3000 for a ten day trip!

Needless to say I haven’t booked it


Hi, i hope you don’t mind me butting in but I have just had an amazing quote for travel insurance and wondered if they could help you. I had been quoted ‘early hundreds’ for a four day trip to Germany by Insure Cancer!! I then rang and a single trip including cancer cover was £45!! Their telephone number is 0845 026 2441. If they can’t help you on this occasion please pass their details on to others as it’s bad enough having this crap happen to us without being stitched up by insurance companies!!

Happy holidays!


Thanks for that, Fifi. I was told by Insure cancer that they wouldn’t insure me at the time when I rang, but that they might insure me nearer the date of travel. Then they dropped the bombshell - the premium would be at least £2000.

I’m not sure how Miaonline will deal with me. I plan to ring them exactly sixty days before we travel. But I worry that they will insist on scans - despite the fact that the Marsden say I am “extremely fit for travel” on their latest letter to my GP and that my TMs are coming down.

My situation is complicated by me having mets in more than one place (otherwise Insure Pink would have insured me) and being on chemo (xeloda). But I will give this new lead a try and see what happens.


Hi – I may have posted this info before on the forums, but I got a quote last autumn from Insurance Choice (recommended by a friend of a friend – Google for their website & contact details) for three weeks in the States that covered me and my partner, including everything to do with my BC liver & bone mets, for £276. I’ve been on continuous chemo (Xeloda), AI (Aromasin) and bisphosphonate (Bondronat) for over five years, which didn’t seem to put them off, or run up a fee in four figures, so worth a try?
Marilyn x

p.s. didn’t actually travel that time, but will contact them again if I decide to go to the States in future

I rang Insurance Choice a month ago and was told the quote would be over £4000 for 10 days in the USA. I ‘only’ have bone mets, finished chemo 8 months ago and on tablet forms of bisphos and AI. Mao online have just insured me for £105 for the same trip, including all the other wonderful side effects from this like atrial fibrillation and high BP. Not sure why the difference but hey at least someone will insure me for a reasonable amount :slight_smile: By the way they won’t cover cancellation (from my mets etc).
Nicky x

Hi Nicky
Can’t understand why you got such a “telephone number” worth of quote and I didn’t – maybe they’ve dropped their last-year’s policy? So glad you got more reasonably priced cover from Mia online, but wonder why they could cover you for everything (and more) to do with you cancer but not cancellation? Hmmmmm . . . these insurance companies are so inscrutable! Have a fab time in the States!
Marilyn x

Hi Nicky

I havle also got insurance from mia for orlasndo 3 weeks for £150. We fly out on the 27th of June, when do you go?

take care

F x

Just got off the phone from Insure Choice. They are brokers, but very helpful. Eventually got a quote for £1400 for a fourteen day trip to Portugal. Will be ringing MiaOnline exactly 60 days before Igo (22nd August) to see what they can offer.

Debs - please let us know how you get on with Mia.

I feel like I have got the plague. Nobody in the insurance world wants to touch me!!!


Hurrah hurrah hurrah. Just got travel insurance from Mia Online for £174 to cover four of us to POrtugal for two weeks at the end of August. Huge relief. Now I can pay the balance of the holiday! Praying my tumour markers keep coming down and that nothing horrible kicks off between now and then.

Thank goodness for Mia Online. There was nobody else that would insure us!


I am new to site and fascinated by variety of responses from insurance companies. I have bone mets in spine, diagnosed 2 years ago. I take Arimidix and a biphosphonates in tablet form and see onc every 3 months. Over the past year MIA have insured me and family to go Belgium, Canary Islands, Spain, Greece and a cruise to Norway and Iceland. They have just given me a quote to go to Egypt and Cyprus in spring but when I asked if they could quote for a trip to Washington DC I was told that USA was out once I had secondaries, though the policy literature has area 6 USA north east seaboard. On the site I read of people going to Orlando and Florida which are in USA. Does anyone have idea of what I could say to MIA to get them to change mind or an alternative company who might look more kindly on a USA trip.
Thanks Digy

Last year they Mia said that one of the few places they insured inUS for secondaries was Orlando and Florida. I really think it all depends on whether your are on or off treatment etc as well, so just call them and ask. if you can narrow down the destination & be specific they have a better chance to research it and give an answer.

Hi digy (& ripley)

I’ve had liver & bone mets for six years, and early last year got a quote for travel insurance to the States from “Insurance Choice” (you can google them) for me and my partner to spend a few weeks in Florida. The quote was just over £270, and covered me completely for my BC mets. So . . . hope you can get a good deal from them!
Marilyn x

hmmmmm . . . just noticed I’d responded with the same info earlier in this thread – oooooops!

Hi Digy
I might have been one of the posts you read. I’ve had bone mets for 20 months now, same treatment as you are on and was insured by Mia in August for 2 weeks to Florida. I don’t think it matters where in the states you go but you can only get insurance so many weeks ahead (I can’t remember exact number) and they won’t cover for cancellation due to BC. We booked everything independently so we would only have lost the cost of the flights rather than hotel, car hire etc all of which can be cancelled at short notice if needed. The main thing I wanted cover for was hospital treatment in the states rather than losing one air fare (or 4 if the rest of the family had decided not to go if anything had happened beforehand) Hope this is of help.