Travel Insurance with secondaries

Hi All,

I’m struggling to find a policy to cover me that doesn’t cost more than the holiday! I have used Eurotunnel in the past, they were great, but their terms seem to have changed. I want annual cover.


I also have a husband with hi blood pressure (controlled) and I have controlled epilepsy.


I am 11 yrs post primaries and 2 yrs post Mets in lung and bone. Both responding well to treatment which is not chemo. I take Exemestane and mthly Denosumab injection. 


I am sure our doc would confirm we are fit for the holiday, but it now looks like Eurotunnel won’t cover me as technically terminal. (I only want cover for accident, luggage lost, etc etc!), not the cancer. I only ever got insurance that made our pre existing illnesses exempt, but this wording is no longer in their terms.


Any ideas please? I just want to avoid: 1) major cost & 2) Itemsing all my med history knowing they won’t cover me anyway. BTW just Europe.


Cheers imac X

Hi imac55

Have replied on the other Travel Insurance thread.

Nicky x