Travel insurance

I have Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (has spread to brain). Radiation completed and disease being managed by meds. We have booked a holiday to Lanzarote for Jun/Jul and would like to know if anyone in similar situation has been able to obtain travel insurance or have you travelled without insurance?

Any advice or recommendations welcome

May be worth looking at Macmillans info  re travel insurance , they have a helpine that can advise . I hope you enjoy a lovely holiday .

Hi Kazzan

I came on here to ask a similiar question.  I don’t have brain mets - but I’ve been given several quotes by MoneySuperMarket - all online and before we accept I really want to speak to someone. 

You have to declare every single problem you’ve ever encountered and if you have any scans coming up they seem reluctant to quote until you’ve had the results. 

It’s very expensive too but if we want to go on holiday, feel well enough to go and our medics say it’s OK I suppose we have to accept it. 

Macmillan gave me a list of possible insurers so today we’re going to trawl through them and see what we can get. 

Good luck and I hope you have a fabulous holiday.

Jayne x