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not sure if I am posting this in the right place. moderators please forgive me if I am not. but I was wondering if anyone has had positive experience with any travel insurance companies regarding travel to USA, particularly Florida with regards to secondary breast cancer. Thanks.



Hi Snoogle – I think some of the girls have used “Insure With” (Google it), and I’m sure there’s bee a recent thread or two here on the BCC forum about travel insurance, so maybe do a search for the word “travel”? Florida ia such a great place – I hope you get this trip sorted soon!
Marilyn x


The travel insurance company is Insure With is another company who also do travel insurance but don’t cover people with cancer.

I hope you manage to get cover.



MIA ONLINE (This Company has very good feedback, but I think you do have to ring them) Tel: Operations 01268 783383 – Head Office – 01268 782745

INSURANCE WITH (Also very good feedback)
You have to phone them even though there is a questionnaire online 08448262707 and quote IFT Health

FREE SPIRIT (Have to phone them 08452305000)

ALL CLEAR PLUS – You can get a quote online but I found the premium to be very high. The phone number is 08452505200

FREEDOM TRAVEL – You have to phone them – 01223 454290

IT’S SO EASY – You have to phone them – 08452224205

INSURANCE CHOICE - These people rang me back without being requested. The agents name was Lily and her direct line is 08445577428. She gave me a quote of £250.00 for a European trip to various destinations for 2 weeks. This covered absolutely everything including repatriation if necessary. I was impressed with her efficiency and the trouble she took.

GETMY.COM – They will give you a quote on line, but when I did it, they excluded Breast Cancer cover. However, I understand that a lot of people use this site as it’s very cheap. I personally wouldn’t recommend it. Tel: 08445577624

EHICPLUS – They will give a quote online, but you need a EHIC card which you can apply for online. I have done this for my husband and myself and it’s very straightforward. Tel: 08450555222 There is good feedback on this.

STAYSURE.CO.UK – They cover almost anything, but if it’s cancer related you have to phone them on 08442770844

INSUREPINK.COM – Tel 08000223213 – (I have not seen very good feedback on this company, but it might be worth giving them a call)

MARKS & SPENCER – They have given me a quote online which was very reasonable, it says it covers my existing medical condition, but they asked for very few details, so I’m not convinced. Tel 0800731244

There is also Bromley Insurance – 01282416050, Vital Health Travel Insurance – 08458035434 and Insure Cancer – 01252780190 – but I haven’t checked any of these out yet.


Dianne Thanks so much for this list. Am so looking forwards to having a hol got back from hols last Oct to have routine mammo and whoops BC. Have worked from then until June during chemo and then surgery and now rads. Starting to feel weary so will look at this list thanks. Jackie

Thanks Diane. I did ring a few companies some time ago, but all were so negative I didn’t pursue it. A few months on now and I feel possibily ready to tackle it again. However, don’t hold up much hope as USA is medically very expensive. Please let us know how you get on.


Hello, just to say that I have used Insurepink several times and found them very good and really helpful, compared to most of the others I tried. The macmillan website is good on insurance companies to try too.


Hello, just to say that I have used Insurepink several times and found them very good and really helpful, compared to most of the others I tried. The Macmillan website is good on insurance companies to try too.


sorry about all these posts, the website is driving me mad today!!!

Hi Ladies, Just to let you know I got a quote today from the first one on the list - Mia Online - although I did it by phone. The guy was really helpful and quoted me £71.00 for the two weeks cruise and that covers everything. I was so pleased as the last quote I got a few weeks ago was £250.00! I took him up on it anyway as I couldn’t be bothered to start ringing the rest of them! So I hope this helps and I hope you are all feeling well today. Lots of love, Dianne x x x

thats really good quote i have tried mia on-line but wont cover me because only finished chemo 3 weeks ago and i go this week and have rads planned for when i come back ,however i have just got covered with insurepink for £ 50 for me and hubby for a week and it covers all medical and b/cancer etc but not cancellation related to it so im ok with that ,woo cant wait now xx

I was feeling rather despondent having been quoted £7000 by one company to travel to the USA and refused by most others as I am currently on oral chemo. However, Insure Pink have just made my day with a quote of £196.60… Happy Days!!

E :slight_smile:

Just bumping this up as i’ve found it very useful and its that time if year when prople may need it! My best deal was with insure with and they were lovely, as were mia. Insure pink still hadnt answrred their holding service after 15 minutes…


A bit of advice please
I have 4 nights in Spain booked for over the new year period (all booked before my diagnosis). Should I try and get insurance now (currently on weekly taxol) or do I wait until nearer the time when I know what treatment I will be on at that time?? I wasn’t sure what sort of questions the insurance companies ask

Many thanks

Hi Linda

I think you’ll find it easier to get insurance nearer the time, and hopefully by then your condition will be stable and you will be on maintenance therapy and not chemo. You may also need a “fitness to travel” letter from your onc which would be easier post chemo. I’m waiting until the last minute to get mine for this summer.

finty xx

Definately better to wait, when I went to Moscow in April 2009 (5 months after chemo finished but still on Herceptin) I was quoted over £1000 in the December and £75 in March!

Thanks for your advice - I will wait and see how things go and ring nearer the time
Hop you both have a good day - I’ve just had the cold cap on for 3 hours so off for a bath to defrost!


I have a trip planned to the US which is likely to fall between my 2nd & 3rd cycle of chemo. I’m hoping I may still feel well enough to go, but suspect I’ll struggle to get insurance for any unexpected medical costs. Has anyone out there managed to cover for travel during their chemo?

Hi Caroline - Sorry to be a spoil sport, but I haven’t heard of any one being able to get travel insurance to the US whilst on chemo, and I would be very surprised if it’s possible and affordable. Also, taking a long flight during chemo is quite a risk and the chance of picking up an infection is high. Going without insurance could cost you a small fortune - just getting treatment for a minor infection can cost many thousands (a friend’s father did it a few years ago with undiagnosed lung cancer, caught pneumonia, and finished up with a bill for 120,000!). If you can, I would strongly advise you to delay the trip until after chemo. You can also find your chemo schedule getting delayed which could put the whole trip in jeopardy anyway.

finty x

Hi everyone havent been on site for some time.I have TNBC (age 46) with secs in lung,liver met gone and neck node gone after rads.I am on no meds at all and am in the wait and see category with monthly bloods normal and ct scan in sept time.I had contacted all the insurance companies for a quote for european break and by far the easiest , kindest,cheapest and most sensible was MIA 01268782745.Iam at work as a District Nurse running a caseload and couldn’t undrstand why all the other companies thought I was such a huge risk !!! Anyway for 2 weeks cruise round med and stay in Majorca Iam paying £77 which is amazing!!!