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I am currently on chemotherapy which finishes in September. I am then going on Herceptin for 12 months. I have booked a holiday for April 1012 and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction for travel insurance. Most insurers I have spoken to won’t entertain me !!

Thanks Jackie66


Travel Insurance can be a problem and many have posted their experiences and successes on this link. It’s so disheartening being rejected or given horrendous quotes -a stress we could do without.Hope you find something helpful and get cover for your holiday.

good luck

Im going away in a week to tenerife, n ive got insurance with insurepink. .

They were set up by a lady who had breastcancer n couldnt get insured

Its £43.75 fr two weeks cover .

Hi. Insure pink would not touch me! Too complex! Mid chemo with secondary bc. However MIAonline did, v reasonable!! Good deal for primary bc a few years ago with them too.

Happy hols,

Sadie Xx Xx

Bromley Insurance also have special Breast Cancer cover and are very nice to talk to. I finished chemo at the beginning of May, finished rads last week and am on Tamoxifen. They’ve covered me for ten days in France for just over £37 - we go in three weeks’ time.

However if I’d taken out the policy a day earlier when I was still having rads it would have been over £100 so they advised me to wait until I’d finished them before actually taking out the policy. That’s because I would then only be having one form of treatment (I think they lump Herceptin in with other hormone treatments such as Tamoxifen for this purpose) - I’d answered all the questions and had the quote and reference number all ready to go so it was very quick and easy.

The advantage of Bromley over InsurePink for me was that they had a lower excess on a lot of areas - £50 as compared to InsurePink’s £75.

Jane xxx

Thanks to all of you who have given advice on travel insurance. I really appreciate it. I felt quite overwhelmed by the prompt replys as I only joined the website yesterday.

Regards to you all

Jackie 66