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I was so pleased last week my Onc said that she was happy for me to go on holiday abroad (said she would fully recommend it), but do think I can get a reasonable insurance - no way.

the problem is that I have just finished chemo 3 months ago for a secondary tumor, I am NED at moment but obviously insurance companies do not want to know. I have had a quote from All Clear for £1339.92 and Medicover for £1,189. Good job I havent booked anything yet. Can anyone help I feel really low as I was looking forward to feeling normal and going away.


Hi Diane
I think most of us have trouble with insurance. As far as I can tell, and what I’ve done is to take my normal yearly travel ins through LLoyds and have declared my medical position (i.e. terminal disease) and I’m covered for everything not connected to the cancer. I figure that if I feel unwell I won’t go on holiday and will lose the money, so I book as late as possible. I try to keep to Europe because then you can still use your E111 (called something else now but can’t remember its name) and if in doubt my hubby can get me back home quickly!
I think the liklihood of me being ill while I’m away is low at the moment so I just take the risk!
Good luck and go book that holiday.
Love Kitkat
ps been to france and corsica this year. Somerset next week and Germany in August!

I have used them twice now and found them very reasonable and extremely helpful.


I have been on constant treatment for mets for 2.5 years and have been spent all my spare time having ‘last ever holidays’ and getting insurance has been an upsetting experience. I once did pay the £1300 insurance to All Clear because I was on an activity holiday and I thought the chances of a broken limb were quite high and I am sure they could link anything they want to the consequences of breast cancer if they try. Other than that I have been to Iceland, New York. Bejing, and all the EU countries with insurance excluding breast cancer, as I think that if the oncologist thinks I am fit to travel, he knows my circumstances better than someone at a call centre.
I have just come back from France where I didn’t take any insurance at all. The problem is that I know my condition is terminal but I do not wish to know my prognosis (as much as they can tell) in case it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, the insurance companies insist on a prognosis as if it is not more than 6 months from the time you return from your holiday they will not insure you at all,even excluding breast cancer. As I couldn’t bear to go through this conversation againthat is why the last time I went with no insurance (probably foolishly but I have lived to tell the tale!)
Best wishes

I am like Kitkat and just go on holiday having told the insurance co of my terminal condition and they will cover me with anything else and I just go if anything crops up I can come home, and anyway I wouldn’t go too far if I wasn’t feeling well - anyway it has worked so far so I could probably fund a few flights home on what I have saved so far.

Hi Diane

I got a reasonable quote through www.insurecancer, Didnt use them in the end because they wouldnt cover me for cancellation which was what I really needed the insurance for. The quote for a week in France inc bc was just under £300

Hope this helps


I have not been diagnosed with secondaries, but only finished chemo 2 1/2 mths ago so even specialist medical insurers wont insure me!

As I am feeling ok, I am taking the chance and have normal cover with exemption for my BC. I got it through Insure and Go and the staff were very good. So if I lose my baggage or am ill with something other than BC I am covered. It cost us £27 pounds for 2 of us. We are of to Turkey on monday!

Don’t know if you have considered this.


hi i have just got travel insurance with marrs they were really helpful and for myself,hubby and son it cost us £131.40 and that covers my bc aswell incase i take ill while in florida


there have many posts about travel insurance. some ladies have contacted

who they say have been very helpful. have not been in touch with them yet as I am waiting until I see the onc in August and if he says it is ok for me to travel I will book a holiday for September.

hope this is of some help.

barbara x

Hi, I travelled to Austria at the end of May in the middle of chemo. Could not get any insurance, but felt that within the EU I should get ‘normal’ treatment, and was only a flight away if something else was needed! We had a wonderful time, and I am so glad we went.

My uncle is going to NZ near Christmas and has had a similar quote to yourself - following major heart surgery.

Hope you manage to get away, it is so nice to have a break.

Hi - I tried to go on holiday inbetween finishing chemo and starting radio and the quotes i had were ridiculous and the questions asked were totally invasive and upsetting-i eventually had to accept cover for everything except the cancer. After I had finished my radio and had been told I was now stable I was told about a company called Aberdeen Insurance 01472 826672 - They were fantastic-didnt ask too many questions and I got a 12 month policy for £65 with an excess of £500 if anything happens in relation to cancer, and it covered my hubby too. I have secondary cancer but this didnt seem to be of relevance to them which was great -I was fed up of feeling like I was abnormal! Hope this is of some use Debbiexx

Marrs are excellent. It cost me £36 for my family of 4 for 2 weeks in Europe, including cover for BC.

Hi -

I have booked to go to New York in March when all my treatment is over and I’ve had a chance to recover.

Aberdeen Insurance 01472 826672

cover me for about £37.00 - they where really helpful, did not ask loads of personal questions. I am still doing chemo so I was impressed.

enjoy your hols


Thanks Debbie

Just rang Aberdeen Insurance, very friendly and helpful. I got worldwide cover for myself and husband for £65, this includes cover for bc with an excess of £500 and I have secondaries. Very impressed. Just wondering if they can do it why can’t other insurance companies?

Sorry just to say this was an annual policy too!

Travel insurance.

Many thanks to geobar who suggested ‘miaonline’ for travel insurance. I have mets in my neck, lungs, sternum and spine and had just finished chemo 2 weeks before when they insured me, including breast cancer for £44 for a week in Greece. Last year I paid £1200 for 2 weeks in Greece! All they want is written confirmation that your onc says you are fit to travel. Wonderful!