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First time on the forum!   Just thought I’d share my experiences.   DX 14 months ago, had WLE and SNB and 19 radiotherapy sessions.  Now on tamoxifen.   Got insurance very easily for Cyprus this summer (through M & S insurance, which I thought was impressive), but now struggling a bit more to get something for USA - we’re planning two trips in 8 months, so multi trip makes more sense.   All Clear are currently offering me the best options.  Freedom won’t offer me multi trip cover but are quoting (a lot) for single trip cover.   In plenty cases multi trip to the US is cheaper than a single trip policy for an 8 day trip!   When you google breast cancer travel insurance one of the top sponsored links is Stay Sure.   I’m lucky enough to have good prognosis, yet they won’t cover me at all.   When I phoned to complain that that seemed odd for a specialist insurer, it was suggested I try again after a few years.   Anyone had a better experience with them?  Or have any suggestions for others that might quote based on recent experience?  

Can’t particularly help with the specific insurance companies concerned, but maybe I am stating the obvious or being naive here, and correct me if I am wrong, but if you are only on Tamoxifen you have now finished active treatment, so surely you don’t have to declare anything currently to do with the BC, as you don’t actually have it anymore.  Surely you just need to say you had it in the past?


I have travel insurance with my bank as general cover and have never mentioned anything re my cancer.


Am sure that others will correct me if I am wrong here!

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I’ve attached a link to the section of the website with some information about travel insurance in case you haven’t already seen it:

There’s also a thread discussing travel insurance:

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I am going to Turkey and Hong Kong for the Christmas season so I will be gone for 3 weeks. I also had to search high and low for an insurance company who would cover me at a reasonable price. Eventually I found InsuranceWith ( who was the cheapest at £85. The others were quoting me hundreds of pounds! Hope this helps.

Hi, I had to claim in October last year for 2 breaks we had booked. I had no trouble at all. All very quick, efficient and fast payment. In the end I was very lucky as I was given the all-clear but they were very easy to deal with throughout.

Eurotunnel have stopped doing world-wide cover. A real shame!

Any one found a good quote for insurance since Eurotunnel pulled out of offering worldwide travel insurance?

Started to google but upsetting having to go through the questions again and again.

Thanks J x

I used eurotnnel, £79 for annual cover for family of 4 with declared BC.!

Peeps, I’m a Santander 123 customer & just got Worldwide Annual cover for £147.70 with them  :womanhappy:


There’s no medical excess as long as you’ve not had treatment or medication within last 2yrs so BC is covered.   Also, bonus for us as we are cruisers, there’s no additional excess’ like other companies I’ve tried (including Insurewith).


We’ve been with ’ AtlasDirect’ for years & enjoyed annual worldwide cover for £79 but as hubby is now 65, they won’t cover us :womanfrustrated:   However, I would recommend you give them a try - we were with them pre dx in 2011 but stayed with them because they were happy to cover at the same renewal price - just without BC cover.


Good luck

I’ve recently booked to go to New York, via Thomas Cook. They’ve quoted £108 for two of us, including an extra £5 because my daughter is asthmatic. 

No problem with me as the lady said It’s not an ongoing condition, I was diagnosed 4 years ago.



Does this sem right?

The EHIC card still covers emergencies in EU countries at present but if you have chemotherapy you need to think about wherher you can reach a hospital on time, and possible translation issues. I used EHIC in Spain on a broken ankle with zero hassle, no payment asked.

Currently, I am 8 months post chemo and radiotherapy. After looking around, I have just started a Nationwide Flex Plus account @ £10 per month, I declared BC as precondition (got through medical screening on the phone) and as I travel with my husband I wanted to include him. He haS high blood pressure and is on two pills. I take anastrozole. I was quoted £115 (and a few pence) to cover our preconditions, but in fact this amount was only for my BC. My husband high blood pressure did not count because it was well controlled with no incident, no hospital admission etc.
Total: £235, for a yearly worldwide insurance max stays of 31 days, I found that this was the best deal for us, as we were older (67 and 72).
The reason why I wanted to go through a medical screening was that if for example I broke my ankle in Japan, I don’t want my travel Insurance to say it is of Anastrozole making your bones more fragile, then refuse to pay!

Right after the diagnosis and the lumpectomy, I had a bad time with AXA when I made a claim for £234 for two flights my husband and I couldn’t take because of hospital appointments and MRI and bones scans. With the excess, I could claim only £134. AXA refused the hospital evidence (free) point blank and insisted on my GP letter (charged £27) Finally my GP felt sorry for me and didn’t charge for filling the form. It took over six months to be paid.
Good luck, travelling is really good for one’s

Yes it’s hard answering the probing questions. If you are going to Europe, eurotunnel is cheap and no questions to answer. You are not covered for anything pre existing though.

As Eurotunnel have ceased their annual worldwide insurance I have had to look around. Next Weds I have an appt at my bank to consider changing my account to take advantage to their upgrade account. Some 5 years ago they did not want to know, now it is looking different. I had a long conversation with a lady about health issues , on the phone and they will now cover me with an extra amount, but this is looking a lot less than a one trip cover. I have hope that I can change my account. My only health issue is continuing on Arimidex plus arendronic acid and AdCal D3 

Letrazole is technically chemotherapy. It is far better to list everything on travel insurance rather than get caught out.