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Hi All I haven’t been on the forum for quite a while. I am about to travel to Spain for a week and I have a standard european travel insurance from my bank, which I have just realised isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 05 and wonder if anyone could give me some advice on the best company for insurance.

Hi Maryemma
I picked up a great leaflets on travel insurance published by BCC, I am sure they would send one too you or maybe there is info on the site not sure.
Hope you have a fab holiday.

Hi R - thanks so much for your response. I rang BCC and they are sending me some information. In the meantime I have spoken to my bank and they will insure me for the BC for an additional £30.00. It seems it is only the BC that I won’t be covered for on my free policy with them. I also rang a well known company who refused me insurance for the BC. I feel therefore I am fortunate with my own bank willing to cover me.

Thanks again from Jx another Liverbird

Hi Maryemma

I am going to Spain soon too and got insurance from Aberdeen Insurance Services Tel 01472 826672.

Vey helpful and cheap premium including BC. Definitely worth giving them a call.

All the best and enjoy your holiday.

Love Lollie x

Hi Lollie thanks so much, you too have a lovely holiday.

Love Jx

Try Freedom Travel Insurance 087077 43760


Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer, Grade 3, 2 nodes spread in February. I have just called my annual travel policy supplier, Norwich Union (provided free with my HSBC bank account) to ask about the impact on my policy. Basically the only impact is that I will not be covered for any breast cancer related problems until a year after diagnosis, but apart from that no impact at all! I thought that this was great, and wanted to share it with you as it may be worth you checking out your annual policies if you have them, or looking into buying one. Prior to making the call I also checked out Freedom travel online and was provided with a really reasonable quote having given exactly the same information to them. good luck and happy holidays, Cathy.

Hi I am with Marrs Travel Insurance
I am totally covered and it cost me £32 for the year. I was dx in April 06 finished Chemo in Nov 06 and finished Radio in Jan 07. This company is amazing…


I know how difficult it can be to get reasonable priced travel insurance but I managed to get an annual worldwide policy including the States from Columbus Direct - it was about £160 for myself,husband who has diabetes + the 2 children.Mars would not cover me.
Good luck and happy holidays!

I (like cmitchrd) have annual policy with Norwich Union and have had for last 3 years. I had WLE Jan 07, rads and tamoxifen. The cover is for myself , husband and 2 daughters and will basically stay the same as before but excludes breast cancer for 2 years from dx. Then it will be reviewed. I was quite pleased as I am going to try and not do any feeling for changes when I go away in 10 days time (easier said than done! ) and if I did find something I would leave it till I got home!
Take care
Shorty xx