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Iam going to Barcelona for 1 week, because of my recent diagnosis of bc. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction, but no further treatment. I am paying a lot more for my travel insurance. Is this standard? I searched on line and the best quote was £30 approx. If you are “healthy” you pay about £9, Any advice

Hi Bella,

Oh bother, I hadn’t even thought of that extra life complication.
I guess it is that way as any ‘medical’ condition causes a weighting on the premium though in all honesty I can’t see what sort of bc complication could require an urgent return home from a 1 week holiday.

Having been through weeks of waiting for referals, surgery, results, other treatments to start I guess we all know another week of waiting to fly home should the unimaginable occur of finding something worrying on your first day is hardly going to matter in the scheme of things. I was advised to go on a fortnights holiday straight after core biopsy and went for the results 2 days after returning… surgery 12 days after that. My tan looked lovely for 14 days!

I hope you find a policy you are happy with and have a great time in Barcelona.

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