Travel insurance

As a treat for recent events the  other half wants to take me to far east for holiday,-I was concerned about health insurance .Briefly I was diagnosed with DCIS -underwent mastectomy and had 4lymph nodes removed -ALL clear of any cancer -which is fantastic-however I present going through motions of reconstruction in and have an expander in -I plan to travel end Feb 2016 which will be 3months after mastectomy -is there anyone out there that can help with advice on health insurance or any advice in the circumstances? Many thanks

Hi - Best bet is to find a genuine independent broker. Yes, the ‘normal’ insurers are NOT interested in anything vaguely different. I won’t flag any good brokers because recommendations can turn out to be a bit weird, but I’d head down that avenue if I were you and get that person to understand your situation then they can do the leg work and find you the best option. Online insurance quotes for anything other than the normal is a dead end. Failing that, M&S insurance (essentially M&S are the brokers) are good re BC stuff. (Awaits folk saying, oh, no they’re not lol - see above re recommendations!) But whatever, have a fantastic holiday! Just go! And your partner sounds lovely.  :-) 

Hi Paula

I dont know if you are still looking for insurance but when I needed travel insurance for a last minute  sunny Europe hols just before chemo and 6weeks post  mastectomy someone recommended the list of insurers in the Macmillan brochure on travel insurance. I rang Macmillan and they sent me a copy but I expect you could get online. I used a company called Insure pink who were very thorough in their questions and yet very sympathetic and helpful and at the time I found it very reasonable, might be worth a try giving them a call? It does all depend on different factors as I was lucky i hadnt got the start date for chemo when i booked which made premium alot less and them happier to insure.

I do hope you have luck with it all and have an amazing trip after everything you have been through.

Take care



Hi Paula.  I’ve found the best insurers to be Eurotunnel.  They will cover all pre existing medical conditions as long as you are not terminal and in the event of a claim your Dr will need to fill a form in to say you were fit to travel.  The cost for an annual individual policy is £46 for Europe.  Unfortunately this year they have stopped doing worldwide cover.  We had this cover when my husband was hospitalised in Mexico, discharged 36 hours later with a bill of 3000 dollars.  Eurotunnel were amazing and settled the claim before our credit card bill had to be paid so I can vouch they are excellent if you need to claim.  Hope you enjoy your holiday. X