Hi, sorry have posted this on another, new subscriber !!! I recently had lumpectomy and starting rad treament soon. Annual travel insurance premium due next month and have been told to report my bc to insurer. Also read a piece in the Sunday Times recently. Anyone had to do this and what does it mean premium wise?
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You must report it else they will use it to worm out of any claim you have. i told direct line and they told me that it would £48 for OH for the year and me extra £100 or £30 if I accepted I would not get cover for anything BC related. I took the option £30 because all the things that can go wrong on holiday, I’m not likely to go down with cancer. Dont forget to get your E111 health card that covers for all emergency treatment you get in europe anyway.
This will be with me on insurance for 10 years
Not sure if lymphodema is directly related to BC.

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Just to add to Jules advice really, you may find our factsheet about travel insurance helpful to read, there is also information about different companies who have been found to offer fair deals for anyone who has had a diagnosis of breast cancer. You can read it via the following link:

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Thanks Jules - just another way of getting money I guess by insurers. Do you know of any other insurances that need reporting to?

Thanks moderator, this is something I never even thought about.

I think all insurers online now ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire and if you answer Yes to any of the questions you have to ring the company to see if they will cover you. They have tightened up recently as I had BC 17 years ago and only last year did the company say they would not cover me for anything to do with BC and at the same time my annual premium went up 100%. It seems very unfair to me but my particular holiday is skiing and I do need cover.

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I have mentioned this before but Aberdeen Insurance 01472 826672 are great, you do not get passed around and they do not ask too many questions. They insured me and my OH for Australia, this was before my chemo and RT were completed. We hope to go at the end of Nov for 4 months.

The premium is not increased but they do up the excess if you claim for anything BC related.

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I get family travel insurance as part of my banking service. I’m just coming to the end of treatment and will have finished by the time we go away. Have phoned the insurers today and discovered that as long as my GP says i can go away and he records it in my notes, my cover continues to apply, with no additional charges. It has a high excess anyway, but it covers all that we need when on hol. Can’t be bad!

I also get travel insurance as part of my banking service and they have told me that as I am more than 6 months clear of any treatment (which I am being triple -ve) they do not even need to know about it. I have asked them this question twice and been given the same answer.
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