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Hi all,

I’m after a bit of advice here…looking to book a holiday and wondering where I stand on travel insurance. I was diagnosed with stage 1 primary in March last year, and have completed treatment. I know nothing about travel insurance after a medical diagnoses, and don’t even know if this now makes a difference to where I can get insurance and what it covers? Who is best or who have others used?

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hi there Charys,
I found it more straightforward than I thought, went onto a comparison site, put in mine & OH’s health info & got quotes ranging from £400+ to £230ish for 6 weeks cover including cruise cover to Oz & NZ this year.
As long as treatment is completed, no forthcoming surgery etc, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.
Just another point, you have to declare everything you have seen your gp about or other medical treatment for the last 2 years. My OH remembered he had seen the gp for a couple of minor issues which he let ‘goodtogo’ insurance know when they sent a reminder email. It can invalidate it, if you don’t in the event of having to claim.
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Apparently are good. The company was set up by someone who’d had problems finding affordable insurance following breast cancer treatment.


Well. Charys,Iwouldnt go near ‘all clear’ as they told me they wouldnt touch me with a barge pole…their exact words…damn cheek.


yes, it will make a difference,but as your treatment is done the IC s will be quite favorable. Macmillan know four companies showill even insure terminal patients!


one thing that people get tricked about is that the little things also need to be mentione…I. Went to oz with one company but forgot haemorrhoids, just recalled that in time and they said that if I hadnt. Mentioned them, my policy would have.been invalid…I was at your stage at the time.


in the event of a claim they will ask you gp for a printout of your illnesses and for at least two years prior, so its. Important to mention everythingxx

hope thats useful



Got a policy last year with the post office that was not a lot more than previous year prior to BC diagnosis .

Gosh so much help ! Thanks Butterfly…thats not much difference at all to your friends.

Last Year I was looking for travel insurance and quite frankly it was a really bad experience. I tried all the ones recommended on the Macmillan and Breast Cancer sites. I have Secondary breast cancer. I was asking for yearly insurance. The quotes were ridiculous over a £1000 in one case I was refused - I might not live that long. Well a friend send try Well nothing to lose I tried just for a week well it came up with ridiculous quotes again. One being Saga only £576 for a week. Half way down the screen it said did you know you can get yearly travel insurance, again nothing to lose so I clicked the link, it came up with 2 options 1 being Saga for £48 a year. That’s right £48!!! I continued kept going back checking all the details were still there. They were. So I took it so I got annual travel insurance with Secondary Breast Cancer on a daily chemo tablet and other ongoing medication.
It might be worth a try and I ended up with Saga a very comprehensive cover.
sorry for the long winded reply. Hope it helps all looking for travel insurance.