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Hi Everyone
Just looking for opinions / guidance on travel insurance.

We are off to the USA in a couple of weeks and my annual travel insurance expired in February. Obviously this was pre-bc diagnosis and I now need cover for the trip.

My radiotherapy treatment ended a couple of weeks ago and I’m taking meds now ongoing.
To further complicate matters I now have an osteoporosis diagnosis which I believe affects travel insurance as well.

Has anyone recently obtained travel insurance on a World Wide basis (as opposed to Europe ) and if so can you suggest the best companies?

Do they normally excluded anything bc related?

Is it better to obtain insurance just for a single trip rather than an annual policy now?

I’m really not sure how it works now as I’ve gone from previously having straightforward travel insurance to one with medical conditions.

Any contribution/suggestions will be gratefully received. I would just like to be a little more informed before I start ringing round for quotes

Andi xx

Hi Andi,

congratulations on finishing your active treatment. 

Like you in the past I always had a cheap annual europe-wide insurance with no conditions declared, and now of course I got a BC diagnosis 18 months ago, and also arthritis (but not osteoporosis thank goodness!)


I got a worldwide annual travel insurance with “Insure for Travel” for about £200 with the bc and the arthritis declared as I plan to go to S America early next year. I always buy annual as i like to have lots of cheap breaks, but I did look into a single trip policy for the Americas, and on top of the European policy it wasn’t any cheaper that a worldwide annual (including America) which would then cover for anything. “All Clear” also would have covered me but was a bit more expensive. 


You might want to go on Moneysaving Expert website where you can get a variety of quotes after you have put in your medical history. There is a particular part of the site just for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Hope you have a great holiday. xx

Try Insurancewith - company started by a lady with breast cancer - if you have any ongoing medical stuff or secondaries they are really good .If you havd finished active treatment with no complications most insurance companies are not that bad actually - I got policy with the Post Office for other much more than previously .

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Thank you for the info ladies.
I have had a look at some of the comparison sites and seem to be getting a quote for around £100 for single trip. May need to consider annual travel insurance!
I think medical insurance to the USA inflates the cost.
Another point.
I am receiving counselling following my bc diagnosis and there is also a question around anxiety stress etc.
Does anyone consider that this also needs to be declared?

Thanks again x

Not sure about that, I guess if you are having counselling and they ask the question .My friend rang Insurancewith and they were very helpful -she got policy for £25 for week in Spain she has terminal lung cancer and is having counselling.

Yes going to the USA will def add to the premium though .

Thanks Jill
I prefer to talk in person but the phone lines are always so busy.
Once I have an idea of the screening questions online I will give them a call at Insurance With.
Online questions do not cover all aspects and it’s often easier to ask for advice verbally .

Have a good afternoon

Hope you find something reasonable .

Thank You.
Once it’s sorted I will report back.
There may be some useful advice for other members.
£100 for 3 weeks USA seems to be the average so far.
Will also see what they have to say about the counselling.
I think it is important discuss every possible factor with the insurance company as I know a claim would be rejected for any none declaration

I called insurancewith today and they said they couldn’t insure me until 62 days before the holiday (next easter) and then they needed medical clearance from the underwriter.
My husband is keen to secure flights now whilst they are cheaper but it’s a risk without insurance. I have secondary BC in spine and pelvis, currently responding well to treatment but 10 months is a long time.

10 months is a long time to wait and holidays are so important.
May be worth trying other companies?

I finally went with InsuranceWith and paid £145 for 3 weeks in USA .
I am only 4 weeks since treatment finished and USA is known to be expensive for medical insurance so I’m hoping this will be less in the future and for trips to Europe.
Although expensive this was the best quote from several companies I tried.

Thank you for this info. Just renewed my annual insurance with them for £300 I was quoted £1200 by other companies thank you

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Welcome to the forum Pammy1, enjoy your travels !