Traveling abroad when on sick leave

I’m a primary school teacher. I had a lumpectomy on 2nd August and recovered during the holidays. I’m now on the chemo train with that to finish in in early February with 5 radiotherapy sessions to do 4-6 weeks after chemo.

Im planning on returning to work after Easter to complete the summer term. My partner and I have been talking about taking a short holiday to the Canaries after my radiotherapy has finished and I’m okayed by my oncologist. It’s keeping me going and giving me something to look forward. Obviously I will be sensible and take precautions with the sun etc.

I just feel terribly guilty that I’d be on holiday whilst on sick leave but, on the other hand I’ve just spent what would have been October half term at home getting over a chemo cycle. Christmas, February half term will also be similar. 
Tell me to be selfish and just go.

Ive worked as a teacher for 24 years with very little time off. I think this would help me immensely but the guilt is real.

Hi Louby lou ( thats my daughters nickname! Shes called Louisa) 

Certaintainly don’t be feeling guilty…such a wasted emotion…have a lovely time!

I went abroad whilst on sick leave after my 2nd diagnosis…it wasn’t a problem…I’m NHS … my manager asked me to ask for my GP to put that a holiday would be beneficial to my recovery on my sickness…and all was good 

Hello @louby_lou69  
Absolutely do not feel guilty. 

I have struggled with the concept of being on sick leave and not necessarily feeling “sick”. I am fortunate in having a boss who has empathised so well in understanding that the psychological effects of the diagnosis and treatment mean I’m not fit to work, I’m also fortunate enough that we can manage financially whilst I’m off work (which I appreciate is not the case for everyone). 
I’ve no doubt that a holiday when you go will be very helpful in establishing something that looks a bit like the world before your diagnosis. 
Please try to travel guilt free!

AM xxx