Travelling to radiotherapy?

Hello all. My Mum is having a lumpectomy on the 22nd and then about 6 weeks later she will have radiotherapy for about 5 weeks I think. The only thing is its a few towns away from us and my Mum is worrying how she will get there. Did any one else have this worry? Will hospital transport be provided for this? Xx

Hello Bumble,
I had radiotherapy at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre very recently (December 2013). Out-patients had the option of using their own transport or using the hospital’s transport.
My breast consultant and oncologist were honest and told me that using my own transport would avoid long waits for hospital transport.
Every day when I went for my treatment I always saw out-patients waiting to be taken home by ambulance. Most of the time they had been waiting over 2 hours even 3 and many were elderly.
Travelling every day for radiotherapy does get tiring and very long waits do not help.
I was thankful I could drive myself to the hospital so I could get home as quickly as possible.
Out-patients using their cars were given a parking pass to enable free car parking.
Does your mum have any friends that could drive her to the hospital?
I’m sure she would want to avoid excessive waiting times.
You need to find out the current out-patient transport policy at your designated hospital rather than what they had in place a number of years ago.
All the best,

Hello. Thank you so much for replying. Sorry I haven’t answered. My mum spoke to someone at the hospital about transport and they said there isn’t a problem with transport to the town she’s going to. They said there may be a wait sometimes but my mum said she doesn’t mind that. My mums boyfriend drives as does mine and so does my best friend so they said they will all help. My mum has also told her brother now and he said he will take her there any time she needs him too. Stressymessy I think that’s so awful that it took someone collapsing for them to give him transport! I think I’m just doing what any daughter would do :slight_smile: sorry for lack of paragraphs I’m on my phone. Again thank you all for replying and hope you are all doing well xxx