Hi everyone,

I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and on the 11th of September I will undergo surgery for a lumpectomy and a sentinel lymph node biopsy. I have a two weeks holiday booked in Rhodes from the 3rd of October but the surgeon said he will be too soon for me to go on a 4 hour flight. Has anyone had a similar experience? Also I had organized my own holiday and so far I had not got a travel insurance. Can anyone please tell me what should I do if I decide to go ahead with the holiday and does anyone know about a suitable insurance company? I am 49 years old and with a mild form of bi-polar depression.

Many thanks


Dear Monica,

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Hi Monica

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I was diagnosed on 28th May, had a lumpectomy on 1st June and then sample lymph node removal on 12th June. My surgeon, breast care nurse and oncologist were all aware that I was due to fly to Spain (3 hour flight) on 6th July for my baby’s christening. They never suggested I shouldn’t go, and in fact arranged for my radiotherapy to start a week later than normal to ensure I didn’t have to return from my holiday early.

In terms of insurance I’m afraid I don’t know of any suitable companies, but hopefully some others will come on here and tell you of their experiences.

Good luck with the surgery,

Shenagh x


Can anyone help please - I’m due my lumpectomy next week and I want to fly to Lanzarote (4hr flight) 16days after my op for a 5day break. I’ve asked the nurses and they say it will depend on my recovery as to if I’m going to be fit enough to go.

Does anyone have and good/bad experiences of travelling so soon afer an op or any advice they can share?




I flew about 16 days after my lumpectomy and only 6 days after a reexicision of the margins as they were not clear.

My surgeon was happy for me to fly.

All I will say is you have to be careful of people not bumping into you, and to get someeone to carry your bags. be wary of being ‘frisked’ through customs.

but it is definately worth going away - it was gret for me.

i was told not to get a suntan though.

good luck


Just been reading all your comments and wondered if anyone had any other travel experiences to share.

I’ve finally been given my op date for a single mx on 18 March and really hoping I won’t have to cancel my week to tenerife 4 weeks later.i haven’y had any chemo yet so am going into surgery feeling quite well.

have my pre-op next monday so will ask then but any help would be good