Treating trapped nerve in neck after LD reconstruction

Hi All

I had a masectomy, and immediate LD reconstruction in April 2009. Like many other women who have had this done your back, under arm etc never does quite feel the same. I find I carry things (like a 3 year old child) on the other side and major a lot of things on the good side. This stems from having so many months of pain that I stopped using the left side of me.

Last year I trapped a nerve in my neck, woke up in the morning and couldn’t move my neck, it settled after a few days. Last week, I rolled over in bed and did a similar thing but much worse. Saw GP who said it was a trapped nerve with muscle spasm. Took diazepam, voterol, codeine it has improved a bit but still not good. She suggested I see either a osteopath chiropractor or physiotherapist.

I do think this might be benefical as I am sure having my back muscle rearranged is not helping this trapped nerve problem. I also suffer a lot with tension/ pain in my upper back/ back which I feel as a result of me using one side of my body more than the other and majoring on my upper body as the lower back strenght has gone.

I am lost as to where to go. I am going to have to pay privately, and don’t want to waste a lot of money going from profession to profession. I really could do with some advice from others who have had similar problems, and to see whether you saw a chiropractor, physio or osteopath, pros and cons of them and most importantly whether they understood the whole breast reconstruction thing and the impact this has on your neck/ back.

Any advice appreciated, am really fed up taking painkillers every day again, reminds me of those terrible months following surgery.

Thank you, Boo x