Treatment all finished... but

It will be 7 years this year since diagnosis in which i had Radiotherapy as part of my treatment but i am now finding that the breast i had treatment on (which i had a lumpectomy) is now shrinking and as silly as it sounds if feels like my other breast is like its getting bigger, im sure it is not ha but i am getting pain in the bigger breast now and was wondering if anyone else had this and could it be from them being such a big difference in both breasts now?

Thank you xxx

just bumping this up to see if anyone has some ideas for you, Nicola

Hi - i finished radiotherapy in mid january and can see that the affected breast - on which i had a lumpectomy as well - is definitely smaller than the healthy breast. I was told that radiotherapy could change the shape and texture of the affected breast and both seems to have happened. I am going to wait 6 months to see how it all looks and if there is a great difference i will go back and ask if they can do something about it. But if you have pain and a marked difference in the healthy breast its best to get it checked out - you may find from posting on this forum that its quite common. Good luck!

Hi, I’m 5 years on from rads and it is quite noticeable that my irradiated breast sits higher up than the other one. I have to adjust my bra straps to compensate for this. I also still have discolouration in that breast which can be variable from day to day - a sort of salmon pink shade. I think it is probably because I am very fair skinned, the surgeon I saw before my discharge last year commented on it.