Treatment at home

I’ve had a letter tonight asking my opinion on me doing my treatment from home. It would mean I would get my denusobab sent to me and be taught how to inject it myself and the ribociclib tablets would be sent with them. I would still go in to have my bloods checked before. 
Just wondered if anyone else already does this/ has been asked the same? 


How interesting. 

I have Denosumab. It looks an easy injection/short phial. If I were you I would grab the chance. I can see things going like this in the future - treatment from home. My current is by injection rather than IV (Phesgo) and I could not wait to switch. If my hospital asked, I would be happy to inject myself etc (but they are slow and haven’t.)

Hope this helps reassure. 

Angel Eyes x 

Hi , I have do my denosumab injections at home , I went to the hospital for a lesson to do it myself and have not had any problems doing my own , I also have my ribociclib sent with the phials . They normally send 3 injections at once which need to be kept in the fridge . It does make life easier than keep going to the hospital for appointments. I also have the nurse come to my house once a month to do my bloods, which is great as she fits my appointments in with my work schedule