Treatment for Liver & Bone

Just throwing this question out there…

if you have Liver and Bone mets for example, is it possible the treatment is keeping the liver mets under control but the bone mets are progressing? Or vice versa.

Or… If one area of mets is progressing then the other area definitely will be too.

grateful for your thoughts on this 


Hi mermaid

I too have liver and bone mets. The liver mets appeared about 5 years after my bone mets so I’ve had the two (together) for about 7 years now. My liver mets have changed during that time, increasing or decreasing (sometimes down to no evidence of active disease) but my bone mets have been stable all the time. I suppose soft tissue metastasis are identified as ‘progressing’ by mere millimetres as they compare like for like scans whereas bone mets could also be increasing by millimetres but less obvious?
Since 2013 I have been on Denosumab for the bone mets whereas before that I was on bisphosphonates and had quite a lot of progression during a time when my scans were at least 6 monthly which meant the spread wasn’t picked up sooner.

Nicky x