Treatment for Scars

Hi everyone,
I’m due to have delayed diep reconstruction next week and was wondering does anyone have any good advice for minimizing scarring, are there any special products out there? I have heard of Bio-oil but is there anything else?
thanks, Sx

I found Dermatix silicone gel to be really effective. It’s expensive at about £30 for a 15g tube but you only need to use a little at a time. You can also get Dermatrix silicone sheets which you can re-use. You cut these to suit and rinse and dry and then use again.
Good Luck with the op.

Hi Susiecoul

Im nearly 4 months post recon and Im using bio oil which has def softened the scars, but Ive heard of silicone sheets which work well on healed scars too. They are in chemists but I dont know much about them. I also heard about another kind of plaster and Im sure I kept the message so will forward you the link if I find it.

Good luck with your op

Cathie x

Hi again

Found the link:

Last time I saw my surgeon she mentioned silicone, not sure if it was gel or sheets she meant, but she said I could could get it on prescription if I wanted to try it. So don’t pay for it if you don’t have to!

Thank you so much ladies, I will ask my surgeon about the silicone. Really appreciate the advice and the link.
Cheers, Sx

My surgeon said Vit E and aloe vera -H and Barrett sell Dr Organix which combine both. Would recommend.

You can get a sample pot of silicone gel for free from Mine arrived yesterday so nothing to report yet

hi there,

i’m prone to bad scarring so i’ve asked carefully about this issue and i’ve been told by consultants not to fork out for expensive creams but that Nivea is as effective!

that said, my scar has become hypertrophic {very red and raised and is widening from its original state} so i’m using the silicone sheets to see it they will help. if your scar looks worrying you should be able to get these from your consultant or BCN :0)

The recon surgeon commented on my existing mast scars being lght and soft and he asked me if I used anything on them. I told him I used aqueous cream every evening at bed time, and he said the daily massage was as important as the cream/oil applied.

So remember to gently massage to help soften scars.



I had Tram Flap reconstructio in Dec 2010, almost a year ago. My scars have healed really well. My consultant said any good moisturiser even Astral. I use ordinary body lotion now and put it on every morning after my shower. I am really pleased with the results. I have to have an op on my good side to even things up a bit, but to be honest it still looks good.

Carolyn x

Hello Ladies

I have been using Bio Oil for my scars following 2 ops - lumpectomy plus lymph node removal.

It is pretty good and has definitely softened and minimised the scarring. NOTE: YOU CAN GET IT ON PRESCRIPTION - tho my local pharmacist was dubious at first, she checked it out, and confirmed you can indeed get on prescription!

In the meantime I have also come across a silicone gel called F2H. I sent for the free sample and have been using that for the last week or so. This product is also good, so I have just a prescription for that too. (apparently it costs £59, but we should all be eligible for free prescriptions anyway I think). Worth checking out with your GP. Good to know these things as you are not always told automatically! Anyway, good luck everyone! C xx

Hi All
I’ve had a lumpectomy and auxillary clearance. Because my lumpectomy scar was hardening my BCN told me to use E45. This has really softened my scar and I have also started using it on the scar under my arm. I am also using E45 as a moisturiser on my bad arm and on my chest and neck whilst I am undergoing chemo.


I had a double DIEP in August. So, have one particuarly large scar - hip to hip. My plastic surgeon gave me some Scarsil (silicone gel) and I now get it on presciption. It’s about £35 for a 30ml tube usually.

Has anyone been given info about how soon to start using creams etc on scars/ wounds? I had my dressings taken off yesterday and sticthes out of my navel, day nine after my mastectomy and DIEP flap op. The registrar remarked that the skin on my tum was very shiny so it would be better without a dressing.

If the skin is stretched and distressed it seems to me that something like aquaeous cream might help it…?

Just to say aqueous cream strips the natural oils out from your skin so is no longer recommended except as a soap substitute that you wash off. This has only come to light in the past year or so, so you may still be suggested it by health professionals who have not heard this - and it might still be recommended in leaflets.


PS not suggesting an alternative for scars as I don’t know enough about that, but I just use whatever I’m using as a moisturiser at the time.

Vit E and Aloe vera -rec, by surgeon. has worked well for me twice now. Available together from Dr organix at H and Barrett - scar serum.