Treatment off and running....

… went with my partner yesterday to meet her BC doctor. Got fitted with a marker coil, and Chemo is scheduled to start within the next 10 days.
Not bothered in the slightest about hair loss, her side effects, or the fact I will have to do loads more around the house. Just hope I can live up to her expectations :slight_smile:
Thinking of writing a diary about our journey, so when she is better we can look back and see what will make us stronger :slight_smile:

Hi scott just to let know there are a few of us starting chemo in may its under the thread of may moonbeams just incase you or your partner want to join all the best for the coming wks ive started keeping bit of a journal too its great that you have each other i feel very blessed with my family and friends xx caz

Great to hear your partners treatment is getting underway and that she has you to look after her through the journey. My OH has been my rock through my journey so far and one thing he does that I appreciate is cook whatever I fancy which at times has been odd combinations! He does like the fact that I’ve taken a liking to sausage sandwiches which means he can also have them so beware! :slight_smile:
Good luck and I’m sure you will live up to your partners expectations, through this journey so far anything my OH does is fine by me and what doesn’t get done is also fine as I’d rather spend the time with him than worry about things not getting done! :slight_smile:

Hi Scott
Keeping a diary is a great idea and when all your partner’s treatment is over it will be good to look back at it and see how far you have travelled together. I kept one too, and I also sent out a ‘Round Robin’ email to my friends, family and colleagues to keep them updated on my journey through my breast cancer treatment. You can find it on this site at:-
Take a look as it might give you an idea of what my journey through my breast cancer treatment was like, and perhaps you might find it of some value as you both embark on your very own journey.
Good luck
Mazzalou x

Hi Scott,
It’s really good to hear the feelings from the other partner. Everyone asks if my husband is ok, and he says he is ok, but it will be good to hear your point of view as you go through the journey with your partner. Hope to start chemo in May too.
Best wishes to you both

Hi Scott- I’m another May Moonbeam- good luck. This is hard on our men. I wish my husband could use computers so he could join this community. He gets support (as do I) from our local Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre which is just across the way from the Oncology Centre. A good place to go during all the waits you have when caring for someone.
I haven’t had BC long enough to know any tips but one thing someone told me is- never ever turn down offers of help even when it seems like a stupid offer at the time. And the other tip from a friend who’s a social worker is- don’t take flowers when you visit people with cancer, take good food they can heat up later. All the best

Thsnk you all for the kind comments. We had the tour of the Chemo area today, and now feel very real. Guess the challenge begins now :slight_smile:

I too love to visit our local Maggies Centre, but there is also a Maggies Online Community, where I have a Blog of my cancer journey. To share with others is a very rewarding experience and helps me to get though it. good luck to you and your lady.