Evening Ladies


I just wondered if anyone can advise me.  I am about to have my 3 monthly check up.  I have been on Tamoxifen since Sept last year and my last scan showed I was responding to treatment.   I am as we all are at scan times worried that the tamoxifen will have stopped working.  Taking this tablet and having zometa once a month has enabled me to live a relatively hospital free few months.  My question is this, if the next scan shows progression are they able to offer alternative hormonal treatments or will it be back onto chemo ?


best wishes to you all and good luck for any other ladies with scans and awaiting results.

M xx


IF and it’s a big IF you have to move on from Tamoxifen there are all sorts of treatments depending on your individual situation.

I took Tamoxifen for 2 years. when I had progression I switched to Letrozole and Zoladex and when that failed to Exemastane. I am on oral chemo now (my choice the Exemestane seemed to be going OK) and that’s just bloods and a 3 weekly appt to pick up the tablets so no IVs, yippee.

Yes, Maria Louise, more tablet options, and even after that, often more tablet chemos…before i/v so travel hopefully xxx


love and hugs, Moijanxx

Hi Maria


i was put on tamoxifen when I was first diagnosed with bone secondaries. I was on it for about 8months then was switched to anastrazole and have been taking that now for just over 3 three years and it has kept my disease stable so far (touch wood). I am also on denusonab and was on zoladex but opted to have my ovaries removed a couple of years ago.


Hope this helps.