Treatment plan for IDC & ILC

Hi ladies,

Some of my waiting is over for now anyway, was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with invasive lobular and invasive ductal carcinoma. Er+ HER- .

Lumpectomy in 2 weeks - removal of lump and up to 3 nodes.

6 weeks later - 3 weeks of radiotherapy.

Hormone treatment. Tamoxifen

I MAY be able to avoid chemo if my oncotype score is low so will know this after surgery.

At the moment all sounds quite do-able… so I guess I feel quite lucky.

Anyone been through similar? Any advice greatly accepted.

Good luck to those still in the waiting period… so hard!

Clare. X

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Hi.Diagnosed 3 weeks ago Just waiting on results of mri. Same diagnosis both ductal and lobular
Mine is 4 cm so preparing myself that it may be a mastectomy. Everything on hold until I get the treatment plan and date for operation. What size was yours?

Hi marthashouse,

Yes the waiting game is so hard. Mine was measuring about 2cm before MRI but the results of MRI showed it was only 1.5cm, so I was pleasantly suprised. Was going in, expecting to be told it was bigger not smaller.

Hopefully you will get results and treatment plan soon, it does give your head something to focus on, although I am not under any illusions that things wont change as we go along.

My doc said its quite straighforward to treat so I do feel lucky about that, lets hope he is right.

Hope that the wait is over soon for you and we can just get started with getting well again. X xx

Hi, I was diagnosed with Er+ pr+ breast cancer in Sept.21mm grade 3,had my lumpectomy early Oct. Initially I was told by my consultant I would not need chemo just radiotherapy and letrozole,this was before my surgery. at my oncolgy appointment 4 weeks later my oncotype score was 28 and was advised to have chemo.This came as a shock as wasn’t expecting that. I had to decide whethet or not to gave the chemo at the appointment. I was declared cancer free after my op as nodes and margins all free so I made my treatment decision on that and the %benefit figures I was given.
This is all we can do make the decisions best for us.I had chemo in 2020 when I had TNBC so ghat also factored into my decision.
Do what sits right with you based on info given.
Hope it all hopes well.

Take care.xx

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Hi sparkle54,

Sorry to hear you had to go through BC for the 2nd time . Fantastic that you are cancer free.

Thanks for the advice, yes I havent ruled it out in my head yet, I know from being on the forum that the goalposts can often change throughout treatment. I think the best we can do is take 1 day at a time. Ill deal with things as they come along and make decisions on the facts available at the time.

I wish you much health and happiness :blush:. Hopefully you stay cancer free forever more. Xx

Can I ask did you have more than one lump? I just went for an ultrasound and mammogram to insert a clip and they found another very small lump 4mm. The original one they found was 8mm. I feel like I am in a living nightmare. I just want to know what I am dealing with.

Hi eb13,

Sorry to hear that. They have only spoke to me about 1 lump/area, although i know lobular isnt always typically a lump. Im still not really sure how it works with the 2 different types, i did ask did one cause the other but no one seems to know.
Im sure it must be overwhelming that they have found another lump but im sure its all related and can be treated altogether. Perhaps ask the BC nurses. The best thing is that now they are checking everything and hopefully nothing will go unnoticed and you can get the treatment to remove anything thats there. Have you had MRI?

Hi , I am having my MRI tomorrow. it all feels a bit surreal like I am in a bad dream. Do you feel like that too?

I certainly did for the first couple of weeks, didnt feel real, like it was happening to someone else. I think im probably now in a survival mode… Im being super positive, but almost to a point that its possibly denial :confused:. Im just trying to take one day at a time at the moment, I feel that if i think too much about things or too far into the future I will be overwhelmed. My mind is staying in the moment.
Also I think having my plan now has definitely calmed my mind a lot. My head was frazzled a couple of weeks ago.
Hopefully when you get results of MRI and know your plan you will feel better.

Do you know how long you have to wait for MRI results? Good luck tomorrow. X

I think I should get them on Friday. It’s good that you are managing to be so positive.

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Good luck with your MRI. Hopefully once you have all your tests and a clear treatment plan you can focus on that. Every day and every stage is different, I am feeling positive now, but I might fall apart tomorrow. Try to take one day at a time. I hope you have lots of support. Keep us posted Xxx

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Hi I realised I never updated this. I had a lumpectomy and it turns out the tumour was 12mm not 8mm. The other small lump turned out to be precancerous ( I need to check whether that means it was DCIS). It is still Grade 2 IDC ER+PR+ and Her2-.
The sentinel node was negative.
I am still waiting for my treatment plan although the breast consultant said it would be likely to be hormonal tablets and a course of radiotherapy. I still wonder whether they may decide on chemo as I am only 42. No one has spoken to me about oncotype scoring- how does this work.
I am still a bit concerned that they may have missed something as it is always my other breast where I have had benign issues and I actually had a breast MRI just three months ago and it showed nothing - which makes me worry that there might be something missed on the most recent MRI.