Treatment plan

I met this afternoon with my consultant and I have my treatment plan. I was so worried that the cancer had spread but thank god it is contained in my left breast and nodes.

She will operate next week to remove the lump and auxiliary node clearance. 4 weeks later I’ll have chemo and then rads. When I’m all completely healed she will reconstruct my good Breast to look like the new improved cancer free one.

I know it’s gonna be a long hard road but for the first time since I found my lump last month I feel positive.



Hi Theresa,
That’s so good to hear, as ever when dealing with this, the uncertainty when first diagnosed is so difficult to deal with as the mind goes into overdrive in trying to make sense of it. It does feel better when the treatment plan is in place & you know where you’re going with it all.
Sending hugs
ann x