Treatment plan.

Hi ladies, 

I’ve seen my oncologist today and got my treatment plan. I’ve had my first zoladex injection ( ouch!! ) I will be on letrozole, ribociclib and Denosumab. Could any of you tell me the side effects you have had? I know everyone is different but maybe a rough idea? I feel more positive now I’ve got my plan and I’m ready to try and push the fear aside and get back to my new “ normal “ my god the way you take the meds sounds complicated now but I know I will get into the swing of it over time xxx

Very glad you have got started on your treatment…now you got something to work with and something else to concentrate on and regular appointments to plan in.   Good luck with these first treatments…it’s all rather new and of course you wish you weren’t in this position, but at least somethings happening now and you are in good hands.



Glad you have a plan in place and have started on it. I think most, if not all, of us found things easier to cope with once we had a plan in place. Although I’ve not had ribociclib I’ve had the other combination you’re on so I’ll be honest about how they were for me! Depending on your age the zoladex will throw you into an immediate menopause and if you’re younger (I was 41 when I had it for my primary) it’s a real shock to the system. You will experience menopausal symptoms which are not fun when it starts in this way rather than naturally. The Letrozole sort of adds to those but will probably be masked by the sudden onset of the menopause - sorry to say but I think this is what will happen. Generally Denosumab doesn’t give many if any side effects although the very 1st injection can cause a flu/cold like feeling for a couple of days, subsequent ones tend not to do this. As to ribociclib you should check out some of the threads currently on this part of the forum where ladies are on this drug, even if it’s in combination with another hormonal. Generally things should settle down but initially you may find yourself feeling all out of sorts due to the nature of being on anti hormonal treatments. Hope all goes well and side effects aren’t as bad as I’ve said.

Nicky x

Hi fantastic news you are staring treatment and feeling more positive too.  I haven’t had any real side effects as yet. I take ribiciclib every day 3 weeks on one week off. Then fulvrstant injections every month. I really hope you get on well with your new treatment plan. It’s a good form of treatment as it helps life stay normal which is what we all want. Lots of love. ?xx