Treatment plans

Hi I find it really helpful reading what treatments you are all having and side effects etc.but find it hard to remember which threads they are under, so I thought it might be useful to start a new thread where we might find them easier.
I was dx with secondaries in July 2015 with mets in my lung, bones, lymph nodes and under my skin
I started off with Herceptin and Docetaxol (the latter ended last December after 6 sessions).
6 weeks ago I started hormone treatment (Letrozole) and today I started Denusomab bone strengthening injections.
After the first cycle of chemo I coped really well - cold feet being my only lasting effect. By the beginning of February my energy levels were back to normal.
I have noticed more pains in my arms and knees since starting the Letrozole but the onc thinks this could improve now I have started the Denusomab. We will have to wait and see.
I would be intersted to know how others on the same or similar treatments are doing

Hiya …I think it would b nice too if we could post our details somewhere so that we don’t have to keep repeating things for different threads. Maybe on our profile so that it would pull through.
Anyway … I will kick this off … I was dx with bone Mets October 2015 …I take letrozole , Adcal and have denosumab injections.
The letrozole has been quite kind with se apart from the hair thinning and sore scalp. I have had two denosumab injections and have a third one next week. I found after the 2nd one I had aches and pains from day 4 to day 9.
The Adcal calcium tablet is easy to chew and I get tuitti fruity flavour !!!
Does this help ?
Hugs xx

I had a tumour in 2010, adjuvant FEC ,two WLE, rads and Herceptin with Arimidex. Had swollen collarbone in Nov which after testing showed shoulder,sternum and lung affected it was my supposed to be final onc app! So on doxcetal,Herceptin and Perjita just had second and all being well will finish after eight treatments but looking at H&P for life. It’s a scary place to be but since the first was a loading dose I tolerated this second go much better apart from tum issues which aren’t pleasant at silly o’clock and experienced my first ever steroid high yesterday! Ladies we definitely are stronger thank we know. I look like Aunt Sally with a bright red face oh deep joy but as yet coping better than the first go round. 

Hi. I don’t mind adding mine.  Primary 1999,  Secondaries in lungs dx 2009 after small tumour found under skin on scalp (removed by GP who thought it to be a cyst). Did 8 Doxetaxol then oophrectomy as treatment plan and biopsy showed cancer had spread to one ovary.  Now on Arimidex but last dexa scan not good but couldn’t tolerate alendronicacid so just wait n see now, hugs to all.