my mums 73 with SBC that has returned after 8 years. She has mets in lungs, pleura, spine, ribs , sternum , pelvis and mammary glands.  She is going to be starting treatment after seeing the oncologist yesterday.  The treatment will be Palpocivlib, Fulverstrant and Denosunab. 
I would love to know any tips … side effects and your experience of these treatments. My mum is obviously worried but the oncologist said that without any treatment she would only have 3 months . 
look forward to hearing from anyone xxx

Hello to both yourself and your dear mum.  
I’m 69 and have mets in the lung pleura. Her2 breast cancer 2016.  Since being diagnosed my treatment has been exemestane daily tablet and Phesgo 3weekly injection (due 4th this Thursday) I’m having my 1st scan tomorrow after starting treatment to check that treatment is Working.  I’m not on the same treatment plan as your mum, so can’t give any tips regarding side effects of medication, however wish her well in the treatment.  
warm wishes Trish :butterfly:

Hello stargate,

bless your mum, it’s a lot to go through. I am on the same combination.  I have been since August 2021, it’s all manageable, I work full time but in an office job.  I get aches and pains and I am careful to a degree with putting myself in situations that I may pick up any bugs.  

Drink plenty of water, take the anti sickness tablets if needed, I have found I haven’t really needed many of them at all.  I take my palbociclib tablet after my meal in the evening at around the same time every day and have been fine with that. A heat pad (Boots do a good one)is good for after the Fulvestrant injections, keep mobile after them too.

i get a bit achy at times but that could be due to menopausal symptoms too. 

I had pain before the treatment started for quite a few months and this combination took my pain away.

i wish your mum all the best and take it steady and rest when you need to.

all the best xx